Suspected Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Was Not Alone – Rifle Missing From Crime Scene

There is new evidence that suspected killer Stephen Paddock was either not alone in his hotel room, or that there is a coverup taking place.

Suspected Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Was Not Alone - Rifle Missing From Crime Scene

Suspected Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Was Not Alone – Rifle Missing From Crime Scene

Not only did Paddock order room service for two, one day before the “authorities” claim he checked-in, but a new Ruger American .308 bolt-action rifle that Paddock purchased on his way to Las Vegas is also reportedly missing from the crime scene.

Former Navy Special Ops professional says that the numbers just don’t add up, and also believes that there was more than one shooter.

With this presser, I am finally getting a straight answer as to how long this guy was shooting.

Shooting time: 10 minutes
Casualties: 600 +
Casualty Rate: 60/minute

This means he had to be hitting one person every second for the entire 10 minutes. With changing mags on a AR platform, in semiauto, 30 round mags, a trained operator might get, might, 240 rounds off per minute. In reality, closer to about 160 to 180 per minute. And of note, you do this to a civilian version of an AR, it will fail. Metal fatigue.

So there should be at least 600 expended rounds that were accurately placed. Add in all of the spray on the stage and surrounding structures, and the round count goes way up. That is going to be one hell of a pile of brass. And a fire hazard on any cloth. (That is one of the reasons you want to be on the left side of the range, and turn your collar up. Hot brass down your shirt burns like hell. It is also funny when it isn’t you.)

The numbers on this tragedy do not add up.

Who took the Ruger American .308 bolt-action rifle from Paddock’s hotel room? Why was the weapon taken from the room?

Was this a normal robbery, or was the weapon used by another shooter in the Las Vegas massacre, making it part of the cover-up that we feel is most likely happening.

Mass killer Stephen Paddock bought a high-powered hunting rifle just hours before he arrived in Las Vegas on his mission of death, can reveal.

But bizarrely the rifle wasn’t one of the 23 weapon haul found by police in his sniper’s nest hotel suite.

Paddock paid $600 for a Ruger American .308 bolt-action rifle with an 18-inch barrel and four round capacity from Guns & Guitars in his hometown of Mesquite.

He then calmly drove 80 miles to check in at the Mandalay Bay hotel on the Vegas Strip from where he rained bullets down on the Route 91 Harvest music festival killing 59 people and injuring a further 537.

A gunsmith at the store revealed Paddock was ‘calm and normal’ when he bought the weapon at around 3pm on September 28.

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