NFL Football Crowd Gives Dickhead Roger Goodell A Perfect BOOOOOtastic Welcome!

NFL Commissioner, and all around nutless dickhead, Roger Goodell, received a one of the loudest round of BOOOOOOOO’s when presenting Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, with the Lombardi Trophy, and it was perfect!

The funny thing is that Roger Goodell would get a similar welcome of all-around hatred in just about any city that he shows that shit-eating grin on his ugly fucking face.

Just ask St Louis and now San Diego, whose teams were yanked out of their cities and moved to LA. The Chargers had been located in San Diego since 1961; playing in San Diego for 56 years before Goodell allowed them to move over another bogus stadium issue, when the truth us that the greedy turd NFL owners wanted to move to a larger market, and corrupt piece of shit Goodell probably took a large payout from each team to allow the move.

How many fucking NFL teams does LA need, especially when they have proven that they will not support NFL teams?

I hate the shitty fucking NFL, and most of my friends and family are 100% done with the shitty and ultra corrupt NFL and dickhead Roger Goodell as well.

I didn’t watch even one single minute NFL football this year, and don’t plan to ever again spend a penny of my money or a second of my time on the NFL, unless it is spent slinging shit their way.

I say FUCK THE NFL, FUCK ROGER GOODELL, FUCK STAN KROENKE, FUCK DEAN SPANOS, and the LA Rams and LA Chargers can also go fuck themselves straight to hell!

IF ONLY…….. wouldn’t that be great?

There are even Facebook pages created to share hatred of Roger Goodell with the world.

UPDATE: Patriots fans create a huge “FUCK YOU GOODELL” sign in the snow during the Patriots Super Bowl 51 Victory Parade.

Patriots fans create a huge "FUCK YOU GOODELL" sign in the snow during the Patriots Super Bowl parade.

Patriots fans create a huge “FUCK YOU GOODELL” sign in the snow during the Patriots Super Bowl parade.

The most anticipated handoff of the Super Bowl didn’t come until after the game had ended.

Roger Goodell handed the Lombardi Trophy to Robert Kraft after the Patriots stole Super Bowl LI in stunning fashion, rallying for a 34-28 overtime victory.

The commissioner met face-to-face with the Patriots owner, after the two had become enemies following Deflategate, for which Goodell threw penalty after penalty at New England, including suspending Tom Brady the first four games of this year.

Goodell tried to congratulate Kraft. The Houston crowd so drowned out his words with boos, Kraft was perhaps the only person who could hear him clearly.

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