Stupid Snowflake University of Oregon Students Demand School Overlook Their Misconduct

Mentally ill University of Oregon snowflake students, who call themselves the “UO Student Collective”, are demanding that they be let off the hook for breaking university’s rules when they rushed the stage during a speech by UO President Michael Schill.

These retarded University of Oregon dumbfuck students were even told at the time of their idiotic “protest” (which consisted of a group of libtard snowflake crybabies taking over the stage while chanting “Nothing about us without us”) that they would face disciplinary action for breaking school rules. But the brainless twits didn’t listen, and now they want the university to overlook their rule breaking actions.

It sounds like the University of Oregon has start caving into the demands of their asshole students, which definitely will not bode well for the university.

Just look at the University of Missouri, and what has happened to that once very popular school after Mizzou caved into the demands of the racist fucktards that took over that campus. Basically, the University of Missouri is losing heaps of tuition and alumni money as student enrollments are dropping at an alarming pace, and allumni are done giving money to the craptastic loser of a school. Mizzou has been forced to close 7 dorms, and rent out their empty dorm rooms as on-campus hotel rooms for idiots attending Mizzou football games and other events. Its so bad at Mizzou that I could easily foresee the failing University of Missouri going under in the near future – all because they didn’t have the balls to stand up to a bunch of fucking racist dickface students.

Freshman enrollment at Mizzou for 2016-17 dropped by 1,470 students, or 24 percent! That’s not good for Mizzou!

Honestly, I really don’t care what happens at the University of Oregon. If things get better, more power to them, because that means they handled the situation correctly. If the University of Oregon gives into the demands of their snowflake loser students, at least we will have more stories to write once the university starts down the path to failure and bankruptcy that Mizzou is currently careening down.

University of Oregon (UO) student protesters who were offered a choice between pardon and punishment for violating the student code by shouting down the university president last month responded Monday by demanding the administration “cease the punitive measures.”

In the open letter, UO President Michael Schill and the trustees were accused of having “potentially endangered” the student protesters, who brand themselves the “UO Student Collective,” by discussing the incident in the national media.

The dozens of students who rushed the stage where Schill was to give his State of the University address on Oct. 6 and chanted for some 15 minutes about student rights were termed a “minor protest” in the letter, which is signed by Chris Sinclair, president of the university senate; Imani Dorsey, the state affairs commissioner of the student government; Jessica Neafie, president of the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation; and Michael Dreiling, president of United Academics, a collective bargaining group representing UO teaching and research faculty.

The letter said, “it is time [for the administration] to de-escalate” after exposing students to “national mockery.”

The letter’s specific complaints against the administration include “intimidation”; “investigatory errors”; “derailing due process”; “lack of just representation and counsel”; “anticipation of conflict, not engagement” prior to the event; “factual ambiguities” in how UO has discussed the incident; and “lack of oversight” by the Student Conduct and Community Standards Committee in bringing the misconduct charges.

After Schill was unable to give his speech live that day—his comments, some of which dealt with the Student Collective’s many demands, were later released in a pre-recorded video—Katy Larkin, the university’s associate director of student conduct and community standards, sent an email to the alleged student protesters charging them with violations of two sections of the student code, disruption and failure to comply with a university representative’s reasonable request.

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