Security Video from Parkland School Shooting Released – Only Creates More Questions Regarding Sheriff Response

The security video taken outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool, in Parkland Florida, has finally been released, and the 27 minute video creates more questions than answers.

Seconds after the video starts, we see the school resource deputy, and Broward County Sheriff Scot Peterson outside a locked door with another officer.
Less than a minute later the two officers jump into a golf cart and drive away.

We see officers getting in the cart at the “Feb 14 02:22:46 PM” time stamp, and 7 minutes later, at timestamp “Feb 14 02:29:21 PM” the cart can still be seen driving around, like it’s driving aimlessly in circles for fun.

We also see another officer standing outside another door, and while the image is small and grainy, it appears as though the officer is smoking a cigarette!

If what we think we are seeing is true, then that is one of the most horrible & disgusting things I have seen yet… An officer standing outside the high school, taking a smoke break, knowing that a killer was actively walking around inside the school killing 17 people.

We hope this is looked into, and if true we hope the officer is exposed and immediately shit-canned.

One of the main questions that the release of this video brings up is… WHERE THE FUCK IS THE REST OF THE VIDEO FROM OTHER CAMERAS?

It’s very suspicious that we really only have the viewpoint from the camera on Building 13 which points at Building 12. There was one minute of video at the very beginning of the video that included the view from a few cameras, but after the first 60 seconds the rest of the video really only shows the view from one security camera, when we know that are many more.

It seems that the “authorities” released this video to try and quell the outrage aimed at Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, and redirect the anger at Scot Peterson.


The American People DEMAND to see the rest of the security videos taken outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool on Feb 14 2018.

UPDATE: “Do not approach the 12 or 1300 building. Stay at least 500 feet away at this point”

We also now have some of the radio chatter from during the school shooting, where when is believed to be Scot Peterson can be heard telling people to stay away from the building where Cruz was killing people.

Authorities on Thursday released video surveillance footage showing the outside of the Parkland high school where a teenage gunman opened fire, killing 17 people and wounding 15 in Florida’s deadliest campus shooting.

Citing “strong public interest,” a Broward judge last week ordered public release of the four video clips from the surveillance system at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. The clips do not show the carnage inside Building 12, but depict police response on campus outside.

Exactly how the Broward Sheriff’s Office responded in the initial moments of the Feb. 14. massacre has been the focus of extensive national criticism. When gunfire broke out at 2:21 p.m. ,school resource deputy Scot Peterson arrived within minutes, but took up a position outside and never entered the building to engage shooter Nikolas Cruz.

The video footage released offers a limited viewpoint that focuses mainly on Broward Deputy Scot Peterson.

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