On-Screen Sexual Abuser Jimmy Kimmel Played “Guess What’s In My Pants” With Young Girls

Jimmy Kimmel acts like he is above all of the slime in Hollywood & NY, but I assure you that Kimmel has skeletons in his closet, and now we are learning how Kimmel actually did his sexual harassment-like behavior while in front of the camera.

Here is a video of Jimmy Kimmel playing a game on the public sidewalk, while hosting the Man Show, called ‘Guess What’s In My Pants’, where Kimmel hid a zucchini in his pants and had girls feel him up and try to guess what is in his pants..

One of the girls was only 18 years old, and at one point he tells another girl “You should put your mouth on it”.

Sounds like cases of sexual harassment to me.

Here’s another video of Kimmel and Corolla holding ‘Trampoline Girl Tryouts’ on the Man Show.

Kimmel sounded drunk in this video and he and the other host acted like disgusting sexual harassers.

Here are a few quotes from the video above.

  • “Serve us up a nice steaming plate of panty.”
  • “Hold still, I’m going to hit a golf ball off your crotch.”

All of the girls who feel that they were abused at the hands of Jimmy Sicko Kimmel, on the Man Show, or anywhere else, need to come forward and tell your stories.

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