Report Says Washington Post Bribed Women With Big Money To Falsely Accuse Judge Moore

New reports are coming out that say the corrupt Washington Post has been busted trying to bribe women with large sums of money to falsely accuse Judge Roy Moore of sexual harassment and assault.

Report Says Washington Post Allegedly Bribed Women With Big Money To Falsely Accuse Judge Moore

Report Says Washington Post Allegedly Bribed Women With Big Money To Falsely Accuse Judge Moore

“A family friend who lives in Alabama just told my wife that a WAPO reporter named Beth offered her 1000$ to accuse Roy Moore????”

“She has a pic of the woman named Beth and taped the conversation on her phone.I told her to take it to the DA,s office but be sure to keep a copy.

Apparently, the woman even has a recording of the phone call, where she says the Washington Post tried bribing her with cash to make up allegations against Judge Roy Moore.

Anyone who follows politics, and is not a complete liar, will tell you that the Washington Post is not a real news organization. No, the Washington Post is the fake news media arm of the Democrat Party, and untrustworthy WaPo will print anything that the Democrats tell them to, no matter how stupid and wrong, or easy to prove as fake.

Democrats and the Washington Post (as well as some fake conservative cock smokers) know without a doubt that the allegations against Judge Moore are lies, and they also know that the truth will come out, but the Democrats hope that their lies will destroy Judge Moore, and as long as the American People learn about the lies after the election, the Democrats feel that they don’t have anything to worry about.

But now we are learning that the Washington Post may be bribing mentally unstable libtard women into falsely accusing a judge of crimes almost 40 years ago, which they know would be very hard to prove didn’t happen – same as proving that the harassment did happen.

The WaPo and the Democrats don’t have any use for the truth though, because being honest always hurts the Democrats, which is why Democrats have such a lose connection to the truth.

In a shocking development in the series of allegations against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore, it has now been revealed that one of the accusers has worked for Hillary Clinton and is a public supporter of Moore’s opponent, Democrat Doug Jones.

The allegations, published in a highly promoted piece by the openly Democrat aligned Washington Post, claim that Moore had a series of inappropriate relationships with several teenagers some 34 years ago. Although The Post repeatedly stated that the allegations do not include actual sexual contact, they are none the less shocking.

Now, after 24 hours of the mainstream media promoting the allegations as fact as well as establishment Republicans immediately demanding that Moore resign, we are starting to learn more about who the actual accusers are as well as their connections to not only Moore’s opponent, but the Democratic Party in general.

It turns out that one of the accusers, Debbie Gibson, is actually a “fervent” Democrat who has literally worked with the DNC as a sign language interpreter for both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Gibson has also publicly supported Doug Jones, Moore’s opponent in the Alabama senate race.

Keep in mind that The Washington Post seemingly purposefully left this KEY FACT out of their “reporting” which one has to assume the “journalists” on the story knew about as it took less than 24 hours for independent researchers to find. Post reporters Stephanie McCrummen, Beth Reinhard and Alice Crites ALL apparently thought it was unimportant for their readers to be aware of this obvious conflict of interest. All three have also repeatedly discussed their hatred for both Trump and Moore throughout social media.

This alone should call into question the entire narrative around Moore, especially when you consider that The Post had already announced their support for his opponent.

For her part, Moore’s wife Kayla Moore, told The Activist Mommy yesterday that, “The Washington Post has been calling and harassing our friends and family, trying to find garbage. We’ve had people back home telling us they are getting phone calls and when they would tell them good things, the Washington Post would ask them if they knew anything bad on him.”

Amazingly, her statement lines up with a rumor going around Twitter that claims that a reporter for the Post named Beth (presumably Beth Reinhard) had offered a women in Alabama $1000 to accuse Roy Moore.

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