Rare Positive Changes For Black Population Proves President Trump Best Friend of Black People Since Abraham Lincoln

In a little over a year President Trump has done more to help the black population in America than any other president in the history of our nation, and if Martin Luther King was alive today he would be a Republican and a huge Trump supporter.

Rare Positive Changes For Black Population Proves President Trump Best Friend of Black People Since Abraham Lincoln

Rare Positive Changes For Black Population Proves President Trump Best Friend of Black People Since Abraham Lincoln

Democrats have done NOTHING for black people, other than use and abuse them, and under the so-called “leadership” of Democrats the plight of the black people has gotten much worse, and has not improved in decades.

“He (Obama) has done nothing for African Americans. You look at what’s gone on with their income levels. You look at what’s gone on with their youth. I thought that he would be a great cheerleader for this country. I thought he’d do a fabulous job for the African-American citizens of this country. He has done nothing. They have problems now in terms of unemployment numbers, look at their unemployment numbers. And you have— here you have a black president who’s done very poorly for the African Americans of this country” – Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

The black population in America has been turned into new-age slaves of the Democrat Party, and between elections have been abused and forgotten for decades. The Democrat Party doesn’t like or need black people until there is an election, and then they are the best friend of black people. As soon as the election is over Democrats immediately stop caring about black people, and actually work to keep the black population down as their voting slaves by handing out free shit, and making sure that black people stay on welfare to secure their votes every few years.

Even Martin Luther King’s niece Alveda King supports President Trump and says that there is no way in hell that President Trump is racist.

President Trump has always been a friend of the black population, no matter what lies the corrupt fake news dickheads continually try and push.

“In the first four months of his presidency, the Trump administration has been far more responsive to our community than the past administration,” – Johnny C. Taylor Jr., president of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Here is a video of Jessie Jackson thanking Donald Trump for a lifetime of service to black people that the Democrats don’t want you to see because it destroys their knowingly false narrative that President Trump is somehow racist.


There have been MANY positive changes and improvements in the black community since President Trump took office. (Obama tries taking credit for these positive changes for black people, but that is a load of shit. The absolute truth is that Obama almost destroyed the black population with his race baiting and race-based politics, and reversals of Obama’s policies have directly led to the positive changes for black people.)

  • Black unemployment has taken a steep nosedive under President Trump’s policies, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that black unemployment has dropped to 6.8 percent, which is the lowest ever since they started reporting the data in 1972.
  • Black home ownership is at the highest levels seen in the history of the United States under the new policies of President Trump, while it was on a steady decline under the oppressive policies of Obama and the Democrat Culture of Corruption.
  • Under Obama (2009 to 2015) the incomes of black Americans fell by more than $900 per family adjusted for inflation. In just over one year under the new policies of President Trump, black median family incomes have risen by more than $1,000.
  • The rate of job growth per month for blacks under Trump has so far been 40 percent higher than the monthly average under ‎Obama. Trump has averaged nearly 30,000 new black jobs per month.
  • President Trump has reversed directions from the Obama administration on school choice, and Trump is advancing the idea of school choice so that every black child (and all other minorities) can attend a quality public or private school, instead of black kids being stuck in the horrible poor schools they are forced to attend by destructive Democrat policies.

Shitty libtard alt-left fake news liars will deny each of these FACTS, but they are dead wrong.

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