Rampant FBI Incompetence Costs the Life of 13 Year Old High School Kid After ISIS-Inspired Sleepover Stabbings

A 17 year old terrorist-inspired Muslim convert Florida high school student, Corey Johnson, who was on the FBI/Police radar for violent threats and expressing interest in terrorist groups, confessed to going on a pre-meditated stabbing three people during a sleepover at a friend’s house, killing a 13 year old kid.

“Johnson advised at 4 a.m. he realized that everyone in the house was asleep,” the affidavit said. “At that time, Johnson made the decision to kill Elaine, Dane and Jovanni in their sleep.”

Once again, the incompetent FBI was notified about the dangers that Johnson posed to the community, but did pretty much nothing to stop the murderer from going on his triple stabbing spree, killing one teen, stabbing the mother 12 times and her son 32 times. After multiple surgeries both are expected to survive.

Jovanni Sierra was brutally killed during a sleepover for his 13th birthday, and was found dead on the floor in an upstairs loft. VERY SAD!!

UNBELIEVABLE! The FBI knew that Johnson allegedly tried joining the ISIS terrorist group and had made multiple online threats to McAuley Catholic High School in Doncaster, England that were “so severe in nature that up to 100 students were removed from the school fearing some kind of attack”.

“we will kill every single infidel student at this school” – 17 Year Old Muslim Terrorist Convert Corey Johnson

By the summer of 2017, the FBI said Johnson was back to making more online posts and that they were working to bring official charges against him, according to the police report.

In February, the FBI said they had all the evidence they needed and that an assistant U.S. attorney said that there was probable cause to charge Johnson.

On March 5, Jupiter police checked in with the FBI to see where they were with the federal charges and the agent said the affidavits would be “coming in the next several weeks.”

A week later, Johnson was in jail for the fatal stabbing in Palm Beach Gardens.

The brainiacs in the FBI apparently made the decision to not arrest and charge Johnson because he was a minor, and “believed a redirection approach would be the most beneficial regarding his conduct.”, which ultimately allowed Johnson to commit the violent crimes that killed one and injured two more.

When will the American People DEMAND a complete tear-down and re-building of the inept FBI, which lately has been more of a help to the terrorists and criminals than any kind of threat to stop them?

A week before Corey Johnson confessed to stabbing three people — one of them fatally — in a Palm Beach Gardens home, authorities were discussing pending federal criminal charges against the 17-year-old, according to a Jupiter police report.

Johnson was arrested Monday on charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder after investigators say he killed 13-year-old Jovanni Sierra and stabbed Elaine Simon, 43, and her son 13-year-old, Dane Bancroft, during a sleepover at a home in BallenIsles County Club. Johnson told police his faith is what led him to the violent acts.

But before the violent Palm Beach Gardens attack, even as early as middle school, Johnson had been on the radar of law enforcement, the report said.

In January 2017, several local law-enforcement agencies and the FBI came together with the staff at William T. Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens, where he was a student at the time. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office received information Johnson supported the terrorist organization ISIS and had reached out to the group online, expressing his desire to join them.

A detective with the sheriff’s office interviewed Johnson for a mental-health assessment and said the teen sympathized with terrorist organizations, the report said.

Palm Beach County School District Police said that during middle school, Johnson made anti-Semitic and anti-homosexual statements, as well as said he had similar beliefs to the KKK. School police said they received information that Johnson “has violent tendencies,” “has spoken about inappropriate places to bomb” and “is a White Supremacist.”

Investigators also learned there were several guns inside of Johnson’s residence, according to the report. His family later told investigators there were guns in his mother’s home but were were locked in a safe.

When Johnson’s mother and grandparents were interviewed by law enforcement, they said Johnson was fascinated with dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Kim Jung Un. The said he had “recently began discovering religion” and studying the Quran.

After the meeting, the FBI told Jupiter police that a counter-intelligence agency in Europe investigated Johnson’s connection to several threats made on Instagram to McAuley Catholic High School in Doncaster, England, as well. Though the report does not say what the threats were to the school, authorities said the “threats were so severe in nature that up to 100 students were removed from the school fearing some kind of attack.” British news outlets reported that in October 2016, there was a threat posted on Instagram that stated “we will kill every single infidel student at this school.”

Read more: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/crime–law/breaking-feds-planned-charge-gardens-teen-for-international-school-threats/0oRF1KCDKL4BWqB7Kgg0zO/

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