Racist Seattle Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett May Have Made Up ‘Excessive Force’ Story Against LV Police

Stupid racist and worthless piece of shit Seattle Seahawks dickhead Michael Bennett refuses to stand for the national anthem, and may have lied about supposed “excessive force” used against him by the police.

Racist Seattle Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett May Have Made Up 'Excessive Force' Story Against Las Vegas Police

Racist Seattle Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett May Have Made Up ‘Excessive Force’ Story Against Las Vegas Police

Bennett claims that he was the target of racism and police brutality, but when the Las Vegas police responded to a possible gunsgot at a club, stupid racist Michael Bennett disobeyed the officer’s orders and actually ran from the police, so he made himself look guilty, and bears the responsibility for what happened to him.

Personally, I feel that anyone stupid, racist and anti-American enough to boycott our national anthem is already brainwashed enough by black racist lies that they cannot be trusted to look at things with a level head, and cannot be trusted. Period, end of story.

I can’t wait until the police feel obliged to set the record straight and release their video footage of the incident. If my instincts are correct (which they usually are) then Michael Bennett is not just an anti-American asshole, but also just another racist piece of shit BLM liar as well.

If Michael Bennett REALLY wanted to fight racism he would come out against the historically racist Democrat Party, which fought the Civil War to keep slaves as property, started the KKK, and voted against equal rights for blacks. Democrats routinely use intimidation, lynching, whippings, mutilation, and murder to try and suppress the black population. Black people thought that the days of slavery were over, (thanks to the Republican Party) but in reality the Democrat Party still owns most of the black population, and still controls their actions and thoughts. The Democrats may be running a different kind of plantation, but the racist slave-driving Democrats still cant do without the slaves they have come very accustomed to through the years, and will continue trying to control the black community with lies about how “the Republican Party and the Democrat Party switched” when racism is concerned.

These are complete bullshit lies, and anyone who falls for the often repeated Democrat lies are either very stupid, or they just have never been told the truth about the racist slave-driving KKK Democrat history – past and present.

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