Racist Black Caucus Members Plan Walk-Out at Holder Contempt Vote

Racist Black Caucus members plan to further obstruct the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s investigation of the failed Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal and subsequent coverup.

Democrats have tried to make different assertions, to see which one sticks, but all of their excuses are just more lies from the most corrupt administration in US history who claimed executive privilege to try and obstruct justice and keep documents hidden that should be part of the investigation.

Assertion 1: Democrats want people to believe that the investigation of holder is just an “election year tactic” by Republicans to try and hurt Obama in the upcoming landslide.. I mean election.
* The truth is that the investigation of Fast and Furious, and the subpoena for documents, which Holder has been obstructing, are a year and a half old. If Eric Holder would have cooperated a year and a half ago, and produced the documents that they asked for, the investigation would have been long over by now.

Assertion 2: Wack-job Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi came out of nowhere and said that the contempt vote against Eric Holder is all due to Holder enforcing laws against voter suppression.
* Huh? The truth is that Nancy Pelosi has no clue what she is talking about, and should probably go take some meds. Furthermore, whoever voted this wing-bat into office should be publicly ridiculed for their idiocy.

Assertion 3: Jay Carney says that the contempt vote against Eric Holder “it just politics”.
* The truth is that now they have started down the road of a contempt vote, it basically is all politics. It will follow a set course, and either be voted up or down. If there is any malicious politics going on though, it will mainly be Obama and his cronies twisting arms off of Democrats who planned on doing the right thing and voting in favor of contempt against Holder.

Assertion 4: Some members of the Racist Black Caucus say that the contempt vote against Holder is mainly just because he is black, trying to say that Republicans are racist.
* There they go again.. Playing the race card falsely right off the bat, because that’s all they have. The truth is that the investigation turned towards the Justice Department and Holder because the Justice Department sent a false letter to Congress, and lied another time as well.

Obama actually wasn’t even involved until he made the executive privilege claim, but now the investigation must go towards the president as well. Either Obama was involved in running the Fast and Furious gun-walking scheme, or he is trying to help Eric Holder coverup something pretty bad.

We feel that if the Congress ever gets their hands on the full set of documents, if they have not yet been destroyed, it would spell the quick end of Eric Holder’s position, the Obama administration, and even Obama’s teleprompter (the real star of the show)

The Congressional Black Caucus has called a members-only “emergency” meeting on Thursday to plot a “walkout strategy” ahead of the scheduled contempt vote of Attorney General Eric Holder later in the day.

The plans, detailed in an email from the executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus obtained by the Alley, include circulating a letter disapproving of the vote and having lawmakers walk out of the Capitol to hold a press conference during the roll call.

The letter, a draft of which is being circulated for signatures, accuses the GOP leadership of “rushing recklessly to a contempt vote.” The letter is being circulated among the Black, Hispanic, Asian and Progressive caucuses, among other.

“We cannot and will not participate in a vote to hold the Attorney General in contempt,” says the letter, in which the signers urge that “all members of Congress to stand with us during a press conference on the Capitol Building steps during this appalling series of votes to discuss our nation’s most significant priority–creating jobs.”

The House is expected to vote on Thursday hold Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing to release certain documents related to the failed “Fast and Furious” gun-running program.

At moments, the fight has taken on racial undertones, most notably when Holder, who is African American, told the New York Times in December 2011 that he served as a stand-in for GOP attacks on President Obama. “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him,” Holder said, “both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.”

A copy of the full draft letter is below:

Dear Colleague:

We write to urge you to stand with us in the pursuit of justice for the Attorney General of the United States of America, Eric H. Holder. In its history, the United States House of Representatives has never held a United States Attorney General, or any other Cabinet official, in contempt.

Instead of focusing on job creation and other critical issues before this Congress, we have been asked to engage in a political stunt on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. Our constituents elected us to do real work, not to engage in meaningless partisan activity.

Over the past 15 months, Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice have cooperated with the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s requests for information on “Fast and Furious”, an unfortunate operation that began under the Bush Administration and, in fact, was terminated by Attorney General Holder. The Department has made extraordinary efforts to accommodate Congress by turning over almost 8,000 documents–including all the documents that relate to the tactics in this investigation and the other flawed investigations that occurred in Arizona during the Bush Administration. The Attorney General also participated in a bicameral meeting in a good faith effort to satisfy the Committee’s information requests. While the Attorney General has advised House Republicans that he is willing to work with them in attempting to reach an agreement, the Republican Leadership is instead rushing recklessly to a contempt vote.

Contempt power should be used sparingly, carefully and only in the most egregious situations. The Republican Leadership has articulated no legislative purpose for pursuing this course of action. For these reasons we cannot and will not participate in a vote to hold the Attorney General in contempt. We adamantly oppose this partisan attack and refuse to participate in any vote that would tarnish the image of Congress or of an Attorney General who has done nothing but work tirelessly to protect the rights of the American people. We must reflect upon why we are elected to this body and choose now to stand up for justice.

We call upon all members of Congress to stand with us during a press conference on the Capitol Building steps during this appalling series of votes to discuss our nation’s most significant priority–creating jobs. At this critically important time in our nation, we must work as colleagues rather than political enemies.

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