Race Hoaxes Galore: Black Man Arrested For Vandalizing Multiple Black NJ Churches Falsely Described as ‘Hate Crimes’

Another day another fake racial hate crime. The black community has been feverishly concocting claims of fake racism by making up fake “hate crimes” – most of which are quickly debunked. Today’s fake “hate crime” comes from New Jersey, where a racist NJ black man named Zuri C. Towns was apparently caught on camera throwing rocks through church windows and signs.

Towns claims that he worked alone, but we wouldn’t put it past someone in the Democrat party to enlist people for the task of creating fake racism and fake “hate crimes”, as this feeds into the fake news from the alt-left about President Trump supporting racists, which is a complete load of bullshit.

You can see it in the coverage of the fake “hate crimes” on CNN , MSNBC and other alt-left Democrat protectors in the media, where as soon as one of these fake “hate crimes” take place, the squawking heads try and say “See, this is what you get with President Trump – emboldened racists”

At least the stupid racist asshole, Zuri C. Towns, has been arrested for his sick fake “hate crime” hoaxes, and we hope he is reminded of the kind of scumbag he is everyday for the rest of his life. Not to mention probably going to hell for vandalizing multiple churches.

Since the political rise of Donald Trump, the Left has amped up their coverage of “hate crimes,” many of which have been uncovered to be perpetrated by hoaxers looking to advance a false victimhood narrative.

The latest string of “hate crimes” discovered to be a hoax comes to us from New Jersey, where it turns out a black male vandalized five black churches, for which there is video surveillance evidence. At the time of the attacks, the Left hyped the incidents as evidence of their grim narrative of an America plagued by constant racial targeting, particulary against minorities. In other words, the “hate crimes” helped bolster the Left’s drive to divide the country by race.

A total of five churches saw stained glass windows shattered and church signs broken and damaged.

In the wake of the incidents, Gov.-elect Phil Murphy slammed the “cowardly acts” and an investigation was launched.

“Disgusted by reported vandalism of African-American churches across Morristown. These cowardly acts will not shake our faith,” Murphy tweeted. “They will renew our determination to come together as one NJ.”

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