President Trump Needs to Read Democrat-Damning FISA Memo During SOTU Speech!

President Trump really should go ahead and read the FISA memo during his State of the Union speech in order to make sure that the corrupt media outlets will be FORCED to cover the details in the memo.

Democrats have been doing everything in their power to try and stop the release of the FISA memo, because the Democrats know that once the American People see the criminal actions of the Democrats, with the help of corrupt people in the FBI and hilariously-named Justice Department, that the shit will hit the fan, and the American People will learn about the biggest and most dangerous crimes ever in the history of the United States, which were committed by Democrats.

The crimes committed by members of the Obama administration make Watergate look small and insignificant, like someone who just shoplifted a piece of gum.

If President Trump reads the 4-page FISA memo during his SOTU speech there is no way that the corrupt media could ignore the details of the memo, as they are sure to do if/when the memo is only released on FOX.

President Trump needs to make sure that the most people possible will be talking about the crimes of the Democrats, FBI and so-called Justice Department.


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