Political Cartoons

Here are a few funny political cartoons and other funny cartoons that we liked.

Stand Up To Government Corruption and Hypocrisy – usbacklash.org

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  1. All your right/left wing bullshit is getting old. The answers as to why this fucked up country is fucked up is for one due to the sheople buying into that bullshit of right/left,conservative/liberal,republicrat/demacan. Your both heads and tails of the same fucking white euro, Gucci, suburbanite, richie rich, moneyed even if it is middle income and up richie rich MORONS. And yes there exist millions of the sheople in this category. You breed and create the little right wing and left off spring as a symptom of your bankrupt white euro culture that misses the fucking forest for the trees. Your breed is bankrupt. We have so called communist regimes (in fact they are simply repression-ist regimes) because the white euros let them exist at that time in history. They did simple acts designed to foster the desired outcomes that any fool could have seen both back then in history and now that a certain course of action would result in a desired and predictable result. It is the Stone Mountain Report on steroids stupid. Enough of the fucking republicrat/demacan shit. We have a one party system and it is all Plutocratic.

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