Piece of Shit Co-Owner of Max’s Delicatessen & Restaurant Greg Morelli‏ Says Killing White People Isn’t Terror But ‘Community Outreach’

Greg Morelli‏, the co-owner of Max’s Delicatessen & Restaurant, in Highland Illinois, is a stupid libtard who tweeted out a statement saying how killing White people isn’t terrorism, but instead is actually “community outreach”

Piece of Shit Co-Owner of Highland IL Max's Deli Greg Morelli‏ Says Killing White People Isn't Terror But 'Community Outreach'

Piece of Shit Co-Owner of Highland IL Max’s Deli Greg Morelli‏ Says Killing White People Isn’t Terror But ‘Community Outreach’

“Soon as I heard it was country music, I felt relief. White people shooting White people isn’t terror… it’s community outreach.” – Greg Morelli‏ – the co-owner of Max’s Delicatessen & Restaurant in Highland Illinois

Morelli was forced to post an “apology” when the shit started hitting the fan and his restaurant, and said “It was a dumb joke and it didn’t work.”

Whatever, that was not a joke, and that was not an apology! That was pure evil from an ignorant piece of shit, and if Greg Morelli really feels that killing White people is community outreach, then Mr. Morelli‏ needs to do us all a favor and perform some “community outreach” on himself.

The stupid alt-left libtard nut-job also depicts President Donald Trump as a Nazi soldier on one of their menus.

The only reason why Max’s Delicatessen & Restaurant co-owner, Greg Morelli, apologized is because he didn’t want his business to be forced to close down permanently.

Greg Morelli is more of an alt-left nut-job loser than anything else, and he certainly doesn’t deserve anyone’s business.

It’s a good thing for Greg Morelli and Max’s Delicatessen & Restaurant that they are located in the libtard-filled Highland Illinois, because if they were located anywhere where conservatives like to live Greg Morelli’s business would be going under very quickly.

Anyone who feels the need to let Greg Morelli, his partner and Max’s Delicatessen & Restaurant know how you feel, please feel free to give them a call and let them know your thoughts.

Max’s Delicatessen & Restaurant Telephone #: (847) 831-0600

Follow this Twitter hashtag link to read what others are posting to Greg Morelli, his partner and Max’s Delicatessen.

It’s kinds funny that their website isn’t even coming up. Looks like it was probably brought down due to the much deserved backlash they have been receiving after making such a stupid post, which any fucking idiot would know with 100% certainty would harm their business.

Even when the website does come up, it looks like someone took a disgusting shit on the page. Most 9 year olds can make a better website.

Fucking losers! I hope Max’s Delicatessen & Restaurant goes out of business very soon and that Greg Morelli is forced into bankruptcy.

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