Official Las Vegas Music Festival Massacre Story Doesn’t Add Up – Was It Really a Democrat Conspiracy?

There are a lot of things with the “official” story about the Las Vegas music festival massacre that just aren’t adding up.

(YouTube, or someone else, keeps taking down the copies of this video.. probably because the government doesn’t want people to see the video that very obviously shows that there was more than one shooter attacking the country music fans at the Las Vegas Route 91 Music Festival. This is the third copy of this video that I have added to this article, only to come back a day later to see that the video was deleted or taken down. Everyone needs to download a copy of the video and upload it somewhere else besides YouTube.

Watch the above video and you will easily be able to hear that there are two separate guns being fired. And yes, there is an echo for some of the shots, but there definitely were shots coming from multiple locations, which is very easy to hear.

Then, watch this next video and ask yourself, “Why are there reports of a woman making her way up to the front row of the music festival, and telling the people in the front row that they were “all going to die tonight”?” And has this woman and her boyfriend, and have they been interviewed?

“I thought it had a positive correlation to it, like obviously she was telling us that, either to tell us to warn us or to tell us that we were all going to die and she was part of it”

The “authorities” claim that Stephen Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay hotel room on Sept 28th, but a hotel employee has posted Stephen Paddock’s room service receipts, which shows, without a doubt, that Paddock was there at least one day earlier, and the hotel employee says that Paddock actually checked in on the 25th. Why the discrepancy?

Did Stephen Paddock actually do the shooting that the authorities claim he did, or was he part of a team, or possibly already dead in a staged Mandalay Bay hotel room when the shooting started?

Stephen Paddock apparently ordered room service for two people just a few days before the attack. If Stephen Paddock did in fact do the shooting alone, like the authorities claim, why do the meal receipts show food for what appears to be multiple people being purchased?

The shooter could see the entire event grounds from the front of the hotel, so why was there multiple windows broken out?

Why is there amateur videos of the areas around the Mandalay Bay hotel in which two different sets of gunfire, definitely coming from different locations, can be heard.

Video of some of the concert-goers have also revealed that they think there was someone actually on the ground shooting as well.

The Mandalay Bay hotel video could clear some of this up pretty quick by releasing the video that shows who actually entered and exited room # 32-135, but who knows if we will ever see that video. A lot less likely if there is a conspiracy.

We aren’t usually big conspiracy theorists, but while looking at the entire situation surrounding the Las Vegas music festival massacre, we think that there is a good possibility that this was a Democrat plot to murder conservative voters while turning up the heat on gun control. It’s a win/win situation for the criminals that permeate the Democrat party.

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