Obama’s Fugitive Drunkard Uncle Still in US Illegally – Now Legally Eligible For Drivers License

Obama's Fugitive Drunk Illegal Immigrant Uncle & Obama's illegal immigrant aunt are still in the country illegally.

Obama's Fugitive Drunk Illegal Immigrant Uncle & Obama's illegal immigrant aunt are still in the country illegally.

A judge had ordered Obama’s uncle deported back in 1992, but ever since then, Obama’s uncle has been a fugitive, and living in the United States against the will of our government. So how is an illegal immigrant fugitive criminal drunkard given the right to legally obtain a US drivers license?

We also are reminded of Obama’s Aunt Zeituni, who freely admits that she is in the country illegally. (probably because she knows Obama won’t allow her, or any other illegal immigrant for that matter, to be deported) Instead of obeying the law, Obama’s Aunt Zeituni filed a bogus request for asylum, which was denied, yet she stays.

I smell something rotten, and it has to be the Obama administration, who most likely pulled strings to prevent his criminal fugitive drunk illegal immigrant uncle, and his criminal illegal immigrant aunt from being deported.

President Obama’s deportation-dodging uncle can legally walk into a Registry of Motor Vehicles office tomorrow and walk out with a driver’s license — even though he isn’t here legally — 45 days after copping a plea in the drunken-driving bust that exposed him as a 20-year fugitive from federal immigration authorities.

Onyango Obama, 67, has completed the month-and-a-half suspension a judge slapped on him in late March, when he admitted that Framingham cops had enough evidence to convict him for an OUI bust in August.

The news renewed outrage over the RMV’s treatment of the case — especially among Republican lawmakers who demanded answers last month, when Obama scored a special license that allowed him to drive to his job as a liquor store manager.

“How could someone who’s in the country not legally, who’s been the subject of a deportation order for several years, how could he be eligible to receive a license from the commonwealth?” said Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester). “If they’re preparing to give him a license, the Registry has a lot of explaining to do to the people who play by the rules and are here legally.”

Registrar Rachel Kaprielian was unavailable for comment yesterday. She has said her agency requires Social Security numbers — Obama has had one of those since at least the early 1990s — but does not check applicants’ immigration status.

“They’re suffering from conscious myopia,” said Tarr, one of several GOP leaders pushing the registry to include immigration status in the license-application process. “They’re looking narrowly at things and not at the broader reality that this individual might not be here legally.”

But immigration lawyer Desmond FitzGerald said requiring Social Security numbers can at times be too harsh a restriction — as when it keeps licenses out of the hands of international doctors and scientists who live here temporarily.

“It will prevent their families from being able to function in our community. And we want to encourage that,” he said.

Obama is a Kenyan national who has been living in the United States since 1963.

A judge ordered him deported in 1992 after what Obama’s lawyer said was an unknowing failure to renew his visa. He has had a Massachusetts driver’s license since at least the early 1990s, said RMV spokeswoman Sara Lavoied. She declined to comment on the registry’s issuing of a license to a known illegal.

Obama’s sister, the president’s Aunt Zeituni Onyango, who won asylum in a controversial 2010 case, does not have a license but holds a state-issued ID, Lavoie said.

Remove illegal immigrants – Make them follow the law to enter our country legally, or send them all back home.
This includes Obama’s illegal immigrant fugitive criminal drunkard uncle, and his illegal immigrant fugitive criminal aunt.

Funny how Obama’s relatives also feel, as Obama does, that they are above the law as well, and can do anything they want, without fear of deportation or punishment.
They must give good donations to Obama’s permanent re-election campaign, otherwise they’d be long gone.

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