Obama’s Dismal Record Of Dismantling Illegal Immigration Enforcement

Obama's Dismal Record Of Dismantling Illegal Immigration Enforcement

Obama’s Dismal Record Of Dismantling Illegal Immigration Enforcement

The Federation for American Immigration Reform has released their new report on President Obama’s dismal immigration record, (or non-immigration policies) and we think they have hit the nail right on the head.

Obama has a dismal record of anti-enforcement of our borders. The Obama administration will do anything they can to keep the borders wide open, and even work to give illegal immigrants free US public services, and eventual amnesty for anyone who enters our country illegally.

Obama and the Democrat Culture of Corruption want open borders, but he will lie when asked about an “Open Borders” policy, saying something that he feels will appease both sides, while keeping illegal immigrants on his line.

• The Administration’s conscious effort to end policies that effectively enforce and deter illegal immigration. This includes the cessation of meaningful worksite enforcement against employers who hire illegal aliens and the removal of the illegal workers. It also includes ending effective partnership programs with state and local governments, such as the 287(g) program, that provide a structure through which state and local agencies may enforce immigration laws.

• The Administration’s intimidation of state and local governments determined to enforce federal immigration laws. President Obama has turned the Department of Justice into the Administration’s attack dog, filing lawsuits against states that pass their own immigration enforcement laws. When lawsuits fail, the Department’s Civil Rights division launches meritless investigations designed to harass local governments and officials who attempt to enforce the law.

• The Administration’s dependence on illegal alien advocates to make U.S. immigration policy for the Executive Branch. President Obama has placed strident amnesty advocates in key positions throughout his Administration. These appointees have worked openly with advocacy groups to shape a series of policies that amount to backdoor amnesty.

• Outright deception on the part of the Administration designed to convince the American public that immigration laws are being vigorously enforced. The Obama Administration repeatedly engages in efforts to inflate its record of deporting illegal aliens. These deceptive practices include the release of data that is later exposed to be inaccurate. The Departments of Justice and Homeland Security carefully select data to claim that our “borders are more secure than ever,” even as violence along the southern border escalates to alarming proportions.

Read the Report on Obama’s Dismal Record Of Dismantling Illegal Immigration Enforcement (PDF)

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