Obama May Also Use Private Email Accounts To Hide His Corruption & Crime

I am pretty sure that Obama also uses private email accounts, from some secret server, to hide his corruption and dealings with terrorists.

If Obama didn’t use private email accounts, White House press secretary Josh Earnest would have answered the question differently, and would have just said “No, Obama doesn’t use private email accounts”, but he didn’t.

Instead, he said that he isn’t “in a position to talk about the president’s email address.”, and then goes on to throw in some extra bullshit, meant to throw people off the trail, and give liberals some additional talking points.

When defending Obama’s claims about the use of private emails, corrupt CNN and MSNBC commentators will say: “Well, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that Obama takes the Presidential Records Act seriously, and that Mr. Obama maintains his emails in accordance with the Presidential Records Act.”

We all know that you cannot trust one word that comes out of a Democrat’s mouth – especially anyone in the Obama administration, who are mostly a bunch of corrupt criminals.

Americans need to push to get to the bottom of the growing problem of government employees who think they are above the law, and then lets knock them all down a few pegs!

During the White House press briefing Wednesday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest refused to answer whether or not President Barack Obama uses a private email for government business. (VIDEO: AP Reporter Grills State Department: Why Have ‘Hackers From Russia’ Seen More Emails Than American Public?)

REUTERS’ JEFF MASON: You’ve talked about the president’s emailing habits and his address. Can you clarify; is the email address that he uses a .gov address?

EARNEST: Jeff, I’m not going to be in a position to talk about the president’s email address. I’m just– for a variety of reasons including related to the security of that email address…

[T]he president does take very seriously the requirements he is under based on the Presidential Records Act. That’s different from Federal Records Act, that governs the archiving of records of other government employees. At the White House, there is Presidential Records Act in place that has different requirements for the handling of records. And I can tell you that all of the emails that the president sends are governed by that act, and are properly maintained in accordance with the Presidential Records Act.

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