Obama & Democrats are True Enemy of Black Community as Black Unemployment Skyrockets and Black Homeownership Hits 18 Year Low

Brainwashed black people seem to believe Obama and the Democrat lies about conservatives, but do no black people do their own research to see who the true enemy of the Black population really is?

If Black people spent 5 minutes reading their history or doing research into Obama and the Democrat’s policies, and weat they mean to black people, they would see that Democrats are the true racists. Always have been, and always will be.

  • Democrats voted in favor of segregation.
  • Jim Crow was a Democrat
  • The KKK was started by Democrats
  • Democrats were the people fighting in the Civil War to keep black people in the chains of slavery
  • The Republican Party was formed to fight against the racist Democrats
  • The man who did the most for Blacks was Republican President Abraham Lincoln – Yes, Despite how often Obama invokes Lincoln, and no matter how bad Democrats want to change history, Lincoln was a Republican

This list could go on for pages!

When are Black People going to wake the fuck up and stop shooting themselves in the dick by voting for the same Democrat party that kept them in chains, and still keeps them in proverbial chains of dependency.

In a report released Tuesday, Bloomberg reports that black homeownership has collapsed to an 18 year low. Bloomberg buries this brutal fact under a nonsensical headline that makes it look like a local Chicago story: “Black Homeownership Dying Where Obama Revitalized.” But four paragraphs down we not only learn about the collapse in the black homeownership rate, but that it is now almost half that of whites:

For most Americans, the real estate crash is finally behind them and personal wealth is back where it was in the boom. For blacks in the U.S., 18 years of economic progress has vanished, with a rebound in housing slipping further out of reach and the unemployment rate almost twice that of whites. The homeownership rate for blacks fell from 50 percent during the housing bubble to 43 percent in the second quarter, the lowest since 1995. The rate for whites stopped falling two years ago, settling at about 73 percent, only 3 percentage points below the 2004 peak, according to the Census Bureau.

For those in the working and middle class, if you have any wealth, it is most likely found in whatever equity you have in your home — either based on what you have paid into it, its increase in value, or both. This is why the housing crisis was and is so devastating to so many everyday Americans… of all colors.

Had Obama enacted proven economic policies after becoming president, the economy and housing market would have already rebounded and beyond. But Obama chose big government policies, and now we find ourselves in the middle of a so-called recovery that only our pathetic and subservient media could spin as “good enough.”

The sad irony is that the first black president is wreaking economic havoc on black Americans. It is not just the home ownership rate that has cratered. The poverty rate for blacks today is 28%, compared to 10% for whites. The unemployment rate for blacks is 12.6%, compared to 6.6% for whites.

As Zero Hedge points out, it was just a few days ago that Obama gave a speech celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. And yet, after a half-century of a War on Poverty and five years of a black man as president, the gap between white and black in every important economic area is still just as wide as it was trillions and trillions of taxpayer dollars ago.

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