Obama Attacks Businesses Leaving the US to Escape Obama and the Democrat’s Out-of-Control Taxes

Burger King doesn’t want to keep paying out-of-control Democrat taxes, so they are moving to Canada, and we don’t blame them one single bit!

What person or company in their right minds would continue paying Obama and the Democrats 40% of their earnings in taxes, when they could be paying a far smaller 26% by moving a few hundred miles north?

The brainless liberals thought that they could just jack up the taxes on everyone to increase “revenues” and cover the Obama administration’s out-of-control spending on crony projects, and everyone would just happily pay the higher taxes, but Obama and the Democrat Culture of Corruption was wrong once again, as they usually are. What is really happening is that the Democrats huge increases in taxes is driving tax-paying companies and people out of the United States, which is in fact decreasing the amount of entities that will be taxed, thereby decreasing revenues.

One stupid Democrat senator, Sherrod Brown, (D-Ohio) even started calling for a boycott of Burger King. ( I will go there for lunch today!)

“Burger King’s decision to abandon the United States means consumers should turn to Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers or White Castle sliders. Burger King has always said ‘Have it Your Way’; well my way is to support two Ohio companies that haven’t abandoned their country or customers,”

Obama and the brain dead Democrats only have themselves to blame.

Obama and the Democrats are feigning shock over Burger King’s move, and Obama even said “We don’t want to see this trend grow”, but it’s too late for that. The trend is growing, and will continue to grow until the American People stop allowing the Democrats from taking as much of their money as they can.

Burger King is not the first company to leave the US due to Obama’s tax and spend ways, and they will definitely not be the last. In fact, hundreds of companies have already left, and I foresee many more thousands of companies doing exactly the same thing and leaving the US for more tax-friendly destinations.

Now that companies have started vacating the United States in droves, Obama and the Democrats will have to increase your taxes again, because “your fare share” has to increase, while other taxpayers are leaving. After all the Democrat Culture of Corruption has to have $ millions to line the pockets of their friends and supporters.

Now, even businesses are “renouncing their citizenship,” Pres. Obama warned today in his weekly speech.

“It’s thanks to the resilience and resolve of the American people that our country has recovered faster and come farther than almost any other advanced nation on Earth.

“But there’s another trend that threatens to undermine the progress you’ve helped make. Even as corporate profits are as high as ever, a small but growing group of big corporations are fleeing the country to get out of paying taxes. They’re keeping most of their business inside the United States, but they’re basically renouncing their citizenship and declaring that they’re based somewhere else, just to avoid paying their fair share.”

Last year a record number of Americans renounced their citizenships – a statistic the Treasury Department just happens to track.

Obama said we shouldn’t allow companies to “cherrypick their taxes.”:

“I want to be clear: this is only a few big corporations so far. The vast majority of American businesses pay their taxes right here in the United States. But when some companies cherrypick their taxes, it damages the country’s finances. It adds to the deficit. It makes it harder to invest in the things that will keep America strong, and it sticks you with the tab for what they stash offshore. Right now, a loophole in our tax laws makes this totally legal – and I think that’s totally wrong.

Ironically, as Obama mulls using even more executive action to subvert immigration laws, he declared that people can’t choose to follow some rules and not others:

“You don’t get to pick which rules you play by, or which tax rate you pay, and neither should these companies. “

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