Obama 2009: “Absolutely Objects” Obamacare Is Tax — Supremes 2012: “It’s a TAX”

Obama has a big “Read My Lips.. No New Taxes” problem now. The same problem that President Bush had after he made the same mistake, and told the same lie, and it cost Bush the White House – as it will for Obama as well.

Obamacare Tax Repeal Starts on November 6th when we vote Mitt Romney into office.

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Obama “Absolutely Objects” to Obamacare Being Called a Tax

Watch Obama lie through his teeth in order to try and gain support for Obama’s new tax – The largest tax increase in world history – Thanks Obama! It’s going to cost you a LOT of votes, and it’s already adding millions of dollars to Mitt Romney’s war chest.

Hatch Floor Remarks Regarding ObamaCare

Watch the full floor speech given by Senator Orrin Hatch regarding ObamaCare and the recent Florida court ruling that struck down the law as being unconstitutional.

Repeal Obamacare Now! — Or Start Looking For New Employment!

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