Not Running For Re-Election Not Good Enough – #MeToo Fraud Democrat Rep. Elizabeth Esty Must Immediately Resign

#MeToo Fraud Democrat Rep. Elizabeth Esty says that she will step down after the end of the year and won’t run for re-election, but that definitely is not good enough. Untrustworthy Elizabeth Esty needs to resign immediately!

Even the fake news network CNN is calling “BULLSHIT” on Esty’s crap statement and plan to move forward without resigning.

To address the immediate crisis, I demanded counseling for my offending chief of staff and I launched an internal review of management policy and practices and an investigation into what was going on in the office. I also took a hard look at how I allowed my office to be run.

Unfortunately, through the review process I learned that the threat of violence was not an isolated incident, but part of a pattern of behavior that victimized many of the women on my staff. At which point, I hired a new chief of staff, made changes to senior staff, changed employment policy, and instituted mandatory harassment trainings.

No staff changes or additional training would help in this situation because it was Elizabeth Esty herself that caused the crisis by ignoring the credible reports of abuse by her chief of staff, Tony Baker, for 3 months, and even rewarded Baker after his actions were apparent, so Esty’s statement is self-preservation bullshit and lies, and should be ignored as such.

Elizabeth Esty is a fraud and a liar, and needs to resign immediately!

Of course senile cuntbag Nancy Pelosi and many other Democrats are standing up for Elizabeth Esty and don’t want her to resign, because Democrats are the Pro-Criminal Party.

“As Congresswoman Esty has acknowledged, her actions did not protect Ms. Kain and should have, Congresswoman Esty has now appropriately requested an expedited review by the Ethics Committee.” – Disgusting Senile Skank Nancy Pelosi

No Ethics Committee review is needed because we know exactly what happened.

Elizabeth Esty not only ignored the crimes of her chief of staff, Tony Baker, against members of her staff for 3 months, but also inviting the violent criminal to go with her to the Democrat National Committee, writing a glowing letter of recommendation foe the criminal, and securing a large severance package for the criminal.

The Ethics Committee investigation is just a way to kill time and allow Esty to serve out her term without stepping down. It’s a stall tactic and nothing more.

The people of Connecticut have been lied to and treated like complete fools by Elizabeth Esty, and every one of Esty’s constituents need to find a way to voice or show their displeasure with having such a piece of shit representative, and push to hard have the stupid skank removed as soon as humanly possible.

If Elizabeth Esty had any shame, ethics or conscience at all she would resign immediately and leave the country.

What U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty did was wrong on so very many levels. When a former staffer informed both Ms. Esty and the authorities of the problem, Ms. Esty made the conscious decision to retain the accused, her chief of staff, for a full three months, and to take him along as her guest to the National Democratic Convention.

Ms. Esty then wrote a letter of recommendation. Finally, Ms. Esty provided the young man with a nice severance benefit.

Equally disturbing was to see Lori Pelletier, president of Connecticut’s AFL-CIO, come out in support of Ms. Esty. I found myself wondering if Ms. Pelletier would find Ms. Esty’s actions acceptable if Ms. Pelletier were on the receiving end.

Unfortunately, most Connecticut residents will never be able to tell Ms. Esty how they feel, because her website does not permit communication from anyone outside of a few limited zip codes.

So we must say it here. Ms. Esty, please resign your post, effective immediately.

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