Newt Rips the Huge & Very Serious Clinton/Obama/DNC/FBI/DOJ FISAGATE & Email Scandal Corruption & Coverup

Everyone should watch this video of Newt Gingrich and Maria Bartiromo laying out the details, problems and what needs to happen in the huge and very huge and serious Clinton/Obama/DNC/FBI/DOJ FISAGATE & Email Scandal corruption & cover-up.

“..the truth is that the Attorney General’s should intervene. He is not recused on any of this and the Attorney General should intervene and should appoint a special counsel for all those people, including the director of the FBI including the former attorney general. I mean, yeah, we have a very serious problem of corruption at the very top of our judicial system and our FBI system in a way which I think is pretty frightening”

It’s just too bad that President Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is too big of a fucking pussy to hold anyone accountable for their crimes.

There are only a few reasons why Jeff Sessions recuses himself from the cases that leave Conservatives vulnerable to attack by the corrupt and desperate DNC, and then fails to recuse himself or take action on the cases that would finally start holding the Democrat and FBI criminals accountable for their crimes.

What dirt do the corrupt and desperate Democrats have on Jeff Sessions to prevent him from taking action against them? It has to be something, but there is no doubt in my mind that Jeff Sessions is not up for the job.

It’s time that we get rid of Jeff Sessions, and get a real fucking Attorney General who will actually do his fucking job!

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