New Evidence of Government Spying on President Trump Emerges During Comey’s Latest Laughable Testimony to Congress

WOW!! Piece of shit weasel liar FBI Director James Comey is soo fucking corrupt it is unbelievable!!!

New evidence of our government’s “Project Dragnet” surveillance program shows without a doubt that our government has been illegally spying on Donald Trump.

People are reading this new shocking news at the exact same time that corrupt FBI Director weasel James Comey continues lying through his teeth to congress, saying that there was no surveillance of Trump, and stating publicly that there is an ongoing investigation into the lie of so-called “Trump Russia Collusion” in the election, which didn’t exist.

In fact, Democrats are notorious for falsely blaming Republicans for doing the dirty and many times illegal the things that the Democrats are guilty of doing, and we do know that the Democrats were involved with Russians during the election, so it is highly possible that an investigation, by someone OTHER than Comey, would produce evidence of collusion between Democrats and Russians on many nefarious and illegal dealings – such as Obama/Clinton selling about half of America’s uranium to Russia, which is completely unbelievable!

Also, why the fuck did Democrat Lackie Weasel James Comey refuse to say if there are any investigations into Democrat collusing with Russia, but then announce their sham “investigation/railroading of President Donald Trump?

Most of the American People know that FBI Director James Comey is a total fucking liar, who has far too much power, will never do what is needed or required to hold Democrat criminals responsible for their crimes.

The American People should fight back against all corrupt people with power, and especially remove Comey from his position as FBI Director as soon as possible!

REMOVE CORRUPT FBI WEASEL COMEY NOW!!! have obtained credible information from law enforcement sources regarding individual records of U.S. citizens under National Security Agency (NSA) electronic surveillance in the years 2004 through 2010 – a database that suggests both Donald J. Trump and Alex Jones were under illegal, unauthorized government monitoring during those years.

Michael Zullo, formerly the commander and chief investigator of the Cold Case Posse (CCP), a special investigative group created in 2006 in the office of Joseph M. Arpaio, formerly the sheriff in Maricopa County, an Arizona State Certified Law Enforcement Agency, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, provided sections of the database to

The electronic surveillance database, provided to Zullo by a whistleblower in 2013, was apparently created by the NSA as part of the NSA’s illegal and unconstitutional Project Dragnet electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens, first revealed by news reports published in 2005, as further documented by the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013.

Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Investigator Zullo have identified dozens of entries at various addresses, including both Trump Tower in New York City and Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, under which Donald Trump was apparently under NSA electronic surveillance from 2004, during President George W. Bush’s term of office, through 2009, the first year of President Obama’s presidency.

Electronic surveillance of Donald Trump was listed in the database for the following companies, locations, and dates:

  • Trump International
    1 Central Park, NYC, NY
  • Trump World Tower
    845 United Nations Plaza, NYC, NY
    No Date
  • Trump Tower SAL
    108 Central Park, NYC, NY
  • Trump Palace Co
    200 E. 69th Street A, NYC, NY
  • Trump Entertainment
    725 Fifth Ave. FL, NYC, NY
  • Trump Organization
    725 Fifth Ave. BSM, NYC, NY
  • Trump Palace
    725 Fifth Ave., NYC, NY
  • Mar-a-Lago Club
    1100 S. Ocean BL, Palm Beach, FL
  • Trump International
    401 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL
  • Douglass Limousine
    239 Nassau St., Princeton, NJ
  • Trump International
    3505 Summit BLV, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Flights INC
    P.O. Box 196, Hamilton MA
  • Trump International
    1 Central Park, NYC, NY
  • Trump Hotels
    Huron Ave., Atlantic City, NJ
    No Date
  • Trump National
    339 Pine Rd, Briarcliff, NY
    No Date
  • Trump Plaza & C
    2500 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Trump Palace Co.
    200 E. 69th St., NYC, NY
  • Seven Springs
    66 Oregon Rd, Mount Kisco, NY

While attempts have been made to deny such domestic surveillance, reports from the New York Times in 2014 showed the Central Intelligence Agency had done just that by spying on a senate panel investigating the agency’s use of “enhanced interrogation.”

In a 2016 article from The Guardian entitled, “‘A constitutional crisis’: the CIA turns on the Senate,” it is likewise noted just how drastic and widespread the CIA’s domestic surveillance operation was.

As revealed from the Dragnet database, not only was Trump himself surveilled but so were numerous employees of his located at Trump Tower.
Former CIA officer Larry Johnson recently joined the Alex Jones show to discuss how intelligence sources have stated that such surveillance of Trump during the presidential election in fact took place.

Here is a partial list of the Trump employees that show up in the Project Dragnet database:

  • Patricia Hernandez, a Manager for the Trump Organization, was under NSA electronic surveillance at Trump Parc, Central Park South, in New York City, at phone 212-586-xxxx, date: 9/16/2008.
  • Mike van der Goes, a Golf Pro at Oceans Trails Golf Course in Palos Verdes, who was promoted to be general manager when Trump bought the course from the bank in 2005 and renamed it Trump National. Mike van der Goes was under surveillance at Trump National, 1 Ocean TRL, Rancho Palos Verdes, California, at phone: 310-265-xxxx, no date.
  • Carolyn Kepcher, a frequent guest on NBC’s television program “The Apprentice,” who was under NSA electronic surveillance when she was General Manager at the Trump National Golf Course in Briarcliff, New York, in Westchester County north of New York City, at 339 Pine Rd., in Briarcliff, New York, at phone 914-944-xxxx, date: 9/7/206.
  • Joe Traci, a Real Estate Property Manager at Trump New World Property Management, at 438 W. 69th Street, New York City, phone 212-769-xxxx, date: 11/12/2008; and at 5 12th Street, New York City, phone: 212-586-xxxx, no date.
  • Roger Socio, a Senior Project Manager, Trump Organization, Trump Tower, 725 Fifth Avenue, New York City, phone: 212-715-xxxx, 2/23/2009.
  • Bill Fichter, Residents Manager, Trump Organization, Trump Palace, 200 E. 69th Street, New York City, phone: 212-879-xxxx, date: 2/24/2009.
  • Florin Bogosel, Trump Park Avenue, 502 Park Avenue, New York City, phone: 212-223-xxxx, no date.
  • Grace Dunne, Trump Park Residence, 3770 Barger Street, Shrub Oak, New York, phone: 914-245-xxxx, date 1/26/2006.
  • Greg Bradley, Vice President, Trump Pavilion for Nursing and Rehabilitation, 9028 Van Wyck, East Richmond Hill, New York, phone: 718-291-xxxx, no date.

All these employees appear to have been under NSA phone surveillance, plus various of them under financial surveillance as well.

The Project Dragnet database suggests Trump was under surveillance not only for phone conversations, but also for financial information, including most likely bank account transactions, credit card transactions, and tax filings.

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