Netflix Executive Andy Yeatman Tells 1 of Danny Masterson’s 4 Alleged Rape Victims”We Don’t Believe” Rape Accusations

WOW!!! A Netflix executive, Andy Yeatman, told 1 of the 4 women who accused Danny Masterson of rape, that “we don’t believe” the brutal rape accusations.

Netflix Executive Andy Yeatman Tells 1 of Danny Masterson's 4 Alleged Rape Victims"We Don’t Believe” Rape Accusations

Netflix Executive Andy Yeatman Tells 1 of Danny Masterson’s 4 Alleged Rape Victims”We Don’t Believe” Rape Accusations

Victim B, one of the 4 women who have accused Danny Masterson of rape, had asked the Netflix executive why Netflix has not done anything in regards to Masterson after the 4 rape accusations against the actor.

Andy Yeatman apparently had no idea that he was actually speaking with one of Masterson’s accusers, and Yeatman answered by simply stating “we don’t believe them”.

I have a feeling that either Andy Yeatman will not be at Netflix for much longer after making it seem that Netflix stands with the accused rapists over the women making the accusations, or Netflix will have an awful lot of apologizing to do in the very near future.

Four women have accused The Ranch star Danny Masterson of rape, and when a Netflix executive was asked by one of those four women why the company is dragging its feet on responding to the conduct of one of their stars, the executive said Netflix doesn’t believe the accusations.

According to Huffpost, that executive was Andy Yeatman, Netflix’s director of global kids content. The woman who asked him about Netflix’s inaction in the Masterson situation approached him on the sidelines of a youth soccer match at which their respective daughters were playing on Sunday. Netflix confirmed that, yes, Yeatman made those “careless” and “uninformed” comments, though they noted that he was not initially aware that the woman he was speaking to, referred to in the article as Victim B, had accused Masterson of rape.

Victim B said she asked Yeatman why Netflix was not taking action against Masterson in light of the district attorney’s investigation and the multiple accusations of rape. According to Victim B and another witness, Yeatman said Netflix takes sexual misconduct allegations seriously but that “we don’t believe them,” referring to Masterson’s four accusers.

Victim B told HuffPost she never expected Yeatman to say such a thing and was left stunned. She said she then told him, “I’m one of them,” indicating she was one of Masterson’s accusers.

The conversation ended quickly.

Victim B said Yeatman approached her at the game about an hour later, ostensibly to clear the air, and told her that he’d had no idea she was one of Masterson’s alleged victims.

Victim B told HuffPost that she began to cry and told Yeatman, “I hope no one ever says that to your daughter.”

It’s a callous look from a company that has thus far failed to respond to the allegations against Masterson with remotely the degree of swiftness with which they responded to the Kevin Spacey situation. Spacey was publicly accused of sexual misconduct with at-the-time 14-year-old Anthony Rapp in a Buzzfeed article on October 29th. By the next day Netflix had released a statement saying that the upcoming sixth season of their show House of Cards would be their last, shut down production on the season the day after that, and fired the actor by November 4th.

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