NBC Cares More About New Oval Office Toilet Seat Than Sex Scandal Biggest Story of the Decade

It’s funny that NBC tried their best to hide the huge Weinstein Sex Crime story, which has turned into one of the biggest stories of the decade, but then they do a hard-hitting “news” piece about a new toilet seat installed while doing repairs to the White House.

NBC Cares More About New Oval Office Toilet Seat Than Sex Scandal Biggest Story of the Decade

NBC Cares More About New Oval Office Toilet Seat Than Sex Scandal Biggest Story of the Decade

I guess at NBC a new toilet seat in the Oval Office is somehow newsworthy, when rampant sex crimes by Democrats in Washington and Hollywood is not.

NBC must have known that once the sexual assault stories started dropping NBC would be revealed to be one of the worst offenders, who not only paid the sexual predators huge sums of money, but apparently also knew full well about the sexual depravity of their “talent”, but did nothing to stop the disgusting sex crimes of the NBC employees.

NBC is part of the Democrat Protection Wing, which hides all stories that reflect negatively on Democrats – highlights every story about Republicans, no matter how small and trivial.

NBC needs to be held accountable for sweeping stories under the rug to protect the sexual predators at NBC, other networks, and in Washington.

No Wonder why NBC is doing so fucking horribly – especially now that a good chunk of NBC’s high-paid talent has been fired for being disgusting sexual predators.

White House work orders obtained by News4 include reports of mice and roaches in the West Wing and requests for a new toilet seat for the Oval Office bathroom and a decorator for H.R. McMaster.

White House officials submitted hundreds of requests in 2017 for repairs, equipment and pest control to building administrators with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), which helps manage maintenance needs in the West Wing and East Wing of the White House.

Maintenance workers were asked over the past two years to respond to reports of mice infiltrating the White House Navy mess food service area and the White House Situation Room. There were also at least four reported cockroach infestations on the grounds and a complaint of ants in the White House chief of staff’s office.

Some of the projects appear large in scope. Some appear quite small. The work orders show a request to replace the toilet seat in the Oval Office in late January, and specifies the project be completed “after hours please.”

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer requested new furniture and pictures hung in his office shortly after inauguration, according to the records.
The work orders submitted in 2017 are similar in number to those made in 2016 during the final year of the Obama administration, according to News4’s review of federal records.

The documents show a quick flurry of requests made shortly after Inauguration Day and indicate some were specifically made by high-ranking officials in the White House. The records offer a rare glimpse into the granular work required to maintain a major government facility.

The hundreds of work orders reviewed by News4 reveal the wide scope of requests received by the Public Buildings Service, ranging from heating system repairs to furniture moves to pest control. A request to repair a door release button in the White House Situation Room was made soon after a request to install new draperies in the first lady’s second-floor East Wing office, which specifically sought an “overall effect of the room being taller.”


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