MANY Red Flags Ignored Allowing Killer Nikolas Cruz to Commit Heinous Deadly Florida School Attack

With all of the red flags staring everyone in the face, it’s pretty fucking sick, crazy and even suspicious that Nikolas Cruz was allowed to commit this deadly school attack, killing 17 people in the Parkland, Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

MANY Red Flags Ignored Allowing Killer Nikolas Cruz to Commit Heinous Deadly Florida School Attack

MANY Red Flags Ignored Allowing Killer Nikolas Cruz to Commit Heinous Deadly Florida School Attack

This fucking nutjob killer, Nikolas Cruz, was posting very disturbing pictures of himself on his social media accounts. The pictures included all kinds of guns, ammunition and knives. He had pictures of mutilated animals, like squished frogs, and scary statements. The killer was even expelled from the school, apparently for threatening other students, and reportedly brought bullets to school, and told others that he was going to shoot up the school.

Cruz even seems to have posted “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” on YouTube, and we have heard that the FBI apparently looked into it, but then did nothing to stop the actual school attack that the shooter himself warned them about. How fucking stupid can you be?

“We were told last year that he wasn’t allowed on campus with a backpack on him. There were problems with him last year threatening students, and I guess he was asked to leave campus.” – Math teacher Jim Gard

“All he would talk about is guns, knives and hunting. I can’t say I was shocked. From past experiences, he seemed like the kind of kid who would do something like this.” – Former Classmate Joshua Charo, 16

Cruz also made a post showing the definition of the “Alluh Akbar” phrase used by Islamic terrorists as they murder innocent people, and follows resistance groups, like the Syrian resistance & Iraqi fighters on social media.

If following the Syrian resistance & Iraqi fighters and posting “Alluh Akbar” on your social media accounts doesn’t raise red flags with the “authorities”, then there are real problems with our intelligence community!

Hell, even other students report that long ago they very accurately predicted that Cruz would end up shooting up the school, so the attack really wasn’t a surprise.

Really though, how many fucking glaring red flags are needed before authorities, the school, or the family that allowed the crazy to have firearms, will step in and do something to prevent the attack?

“Our investigators began dissecting social media. Some of thing that come to mind are very very disturbing.” – Broward Sheriff Scott Israel

Maybe the “authorities” and our FBI need to be spending more time working on real shit, like this, rather than wasting all of their time and energy using fake dirty dossiers to try and manufacture crimes to charge President Trump and Republicans with.

Dumbfucks in the media are saying stupid shit like “Short of taking away everyone’s guns, there isn’t anything that we can do to stop deadly random attack like this”, but that is complete fucking bullshit. There is actually a lot that can be done to stop these types of attacks at schools and other buildings. If they really wanted to prevent this type of tragedy they could, but they haven’t.

  • How about adding fucking metal detectors to school entrances?
  • How about adding armed police offers in school entrances?
  • How about locking the fucking doors, and not allowing any mentally fucked-up asshole who wishes to kill people to roam into school buildings, and just hope that they are good people?
  • Many office buildings have access control systems, that require you need to swipe a card to gain entrance, so why don’t they have that at schools?
  • How about doing all of the above? Especially when you have these schools that are soft targets filled with kids that are sitting ducks for this kind of nut-job loser to attack.

Most schools don’t have armed guards, and visitors are supposed to go check themselves in at the school office when visiting the school, but I doubt that anyone entering a school with the intent to kill people are going to bother checking in with the front desk.

Personally, I think the schools bear some responsibility for the ease in which these types of school attacks are allowed to occur, because of the lax security and gun free zones at most schools. Schools should be REQUIRED to lock down school buildings, and prevent random mental patients to wander into schools with weapons.

Corrupt & complicit social media sites are even taking down the pages on their platforms where they allowed the Florida high school shooter Nikolas Cruz to post the pictures that he did, probably because they don’t want people to know that they could have stopped this tragedy.

The timing of the school shooting is very suspicious, and kind of makes one think that this horrible school shooting could have been setup by deep state Democrats to take the heat off the Clinton/DOJ/FBI/DOJ/Russia collusion conspiracy, which has really started to pick up a lot of steam in the past week, as more evidence of corruption within the Obama administration everyday.

Now we will have wall-to-wall media coverage of the shooting, which will help the corrupt Democrats slow down the biggest story of political corruption in the history of the United States, which is definitely much worse than Watergate!

If this is the case, there are deep state people shitting their pants right now that Nikolas Cruz is still alive, and may be able to reveal the real reason why he shot up the school. They had planned on Cruz either killing himself, or being killed by the police, but worthless pussy killer Cruz actually snuck out of the school by blending in with the terrified escaping students, who he just shot at moments earlier, and was picked up by the police soon after in a nearby neighborhood.

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