Las Vegas Size Massacre in Chicago Every 28 Days – Corrupt Fake Media Silent

The corrupt fake news media have been ignoring the out-of-control black on black crime in Chicago because the truth would highlight the horrible failings of the black community by Democrats in the cities they control, and go against their narrative that black is good and white is bad

Las Vegas Size Massacre in Chicago Every 28 Days - Corrupt Fake Media Silent

Las Vegas Size Massacre in Chicago Every 28 Days – Corrupt Fake Media Silent

If “Black Lives Matter” then there should be protests of the Democrats for how they have completely ignored the situation until it has gotten out-of-control.

The New York Times was most likely using the gun death graphics and to create support for “gun control”, which to libtards means “gun confiscation”, but it just tells us what cities are being run-over and run-down by corrupt Democrats and their brainless self-serving policies.

We have all known for a very long time that the black on black murders in Chicago were being ignored by the corrupt fake news media, because it doesn’t fit into their fake narrative, but to have the same number of killings in Chicago every 28 days is shocking, and tells you a lot about how things go in areas controlled by libtards.

Look at the list of cities with the most gun deaths, and you will see that the vast majority are Democrat-run cities.

Every time there is a mass shooting in the United States, the national press instinctively begins touting the evils of firearms and sounds the call for gun control. Joining them in that loud refrain are Washington Democrats and Hollywood celebrities hell-bent on reversing the Second Amendment.

The casualties piled up in Las Vegas this last weekend made the attack the worst mass shooting in modern history. So, it’s understandable that concerned voices are raised. But what about the plague of gun violence that has turned America’s inner cities into daily war zones? Why do those go largely ignored by the same people?

Hypocrisy abounds with all of the talk about the senseless violence in Vegas, while the same level of outrage isn’t poured out over these Democrat-controlled ghettos which rack up similar numbers every month or two. Leave it to The New York Times which finally did what Jimmy Kimmel and his fellow late-night hosts couldn’t: remind readers that 58 deaths by gunfire is an all-too common occurrence in places like Chicago, Baltimore, and St. Louis for anyone that’s paying attention.

Four reporters compiled the numbers from multiple cities and compared the number of days it takes for each of the cities to reach the same number of murders that occurred in just one day during the Vegas massacre. The problem is much worse than a random mass shooting. These numbers do not include suicides; only murder by gun. The simple findings are below. Click here to see the visual created by the NYT.

Mass shooting in Las Vegas — 58 deaths, 1 day

Daily gun deaths in Chicago — 58 deaths, 28 days

Baltimore — 68 days

St. Louis — 70 days

Philadelphia — 105 days

Kansas City, Mo. — 117 days

Houston — 118 days

Detroit — 121 days

Indianapolis — 122 days

Los Angeles — 125 days

New York City — 130 days

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