Kathleen Sebelius Lies and Says She is “Not Elegible” to Use Obamacare Instead of Her Free Golden Ticket Healthcare Plan

Kathleen Sebelius is a nasty skank liar, who wants to force the American People into signing up for Obamacare, yet she will not sign up herself. Instead of signing up for the law that she is in charge of, she is staying in the Federal Employee Healthcare Plan.

Also, why the hell do rich federal employees get free golden ticket healthcare plans, that we pay for, while the rest of us are forced to pay for crappy Obamacare insurance plans that we don’t want?

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, asked at a congressional hearing today why she hasn’t personally tried to enroll in the federal exchange, claimed that she wasn’t eligible. Colorado Republican congressman Cory Gardner countered that she could opt out of her federally-provided employer coverage, which is correct. Any American, in fact, is eligible for the exchange, as Healthcare.gov helpfully explains:

Most people will be eligible for health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

To be eligible for health coverage through the Marketplace, you:

must live in the United States
must be a U.S. citizen or national (or be lawfully present)
can’t be currently incarcerated

Americans who have access to “affordable” coverage through their employers (federal-employee plans easily count) cannot receive subsidies on the exchange, but Sebelius’s income would render her ineligible for subsidies anyway, regardless of her employer coverage.

Gardner’s questioning on the topic was met with a round of applause.

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