Jon Stewart Breaks Down “Dickless H. Chickenshit” Obama’s Delaying of Everything Before Election

I usually don’t care for Jon Stewart because most of the time he is attacking conservatives, but this is actually pretty fucking funny!

Obama delayed “everything from the nomination of a new attorney general, to decisions on the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline, immigration reform, corporate tax reform, and rates for the “Affordable Care Act” until after the election so red state Democrats could attack Obama, and blue state Democrats could attack the Keystone Pipeline.

Too bad for Obama and the Democrats that their brainless plan backfired, and they ALL lost.

Comedian Jon Stewart railed against President Barack Obama and Democrats Thursday night for playing what he called a “chickens**t gambit” — a political tactic in which he said they refused to act on controversial issues before the election to avoid being negatively impacted at the polls.

“What was he doing before the election?” Stewart asked of Obama, claiming that decisions surrounding the selection of a new attorney general, immigration, tax reform and the Keystone Pipeline were intentionally delayed prior to Tuesday’s elections.

The “Daily Show” host went on to posit that the tactic was an intentional one used by the Democrats as a means to protect themselves in the midterm elections.

“Senate Democrats wanted to avoid votes on contentious issues, so they wouldn’t have to take unpopular [stances] that might cost them reelection and they got the president to go along with it,” Stewart said. “It’s a well-known political maneuver known as the ‘chickens**t gambit.’ It’s named, of course, for Senator Dickless H. Chickens**t.”

He concluded by accusing Democrats of adopting a do-nothing strategy and avoiding acting on what voters elected them to do.

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