James Woods’ Body Slam of Disgusting Serial Sexual Harassing Pervert Jimmy Kimmel Is EPIC! (Boycott Kimmel Advertisers)

Any time disgusting serial sexual harassing pervert Jimmy Kimmel says anything even remotely related to the #metoo bubble, or anything related to women, he should immediately be punched in the throat – like this. Watch the clip below, and then take action to remove Jimmy Kimmel from the air.

Or how about this?

“use both hands” – “you may want to put your mouth on it”

Kimmel will obviously say that he is just being a comedian trying to be funny, but this is not funny and it’s not comedy, it’s sexual harassment, and it’s disgusting!

I just can’t believe that any companies would want to advertise on a show where the host and namesake, Jimmy Kimmel, is a disgusting serial sexual harassing pervert, with horrid crap like this that will continue coming out showing how disgusting and wrong Jimmy Kimmel truly is.

If you feel as we and millions of other Americans feel, that Jimmy Kimmel is not a comedian, but is a serial sexual harasser of women (most look underage) then you need to join the boycott of all things Jimmy Kimmel, including the advertisers on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Here is a list of Jimmy Kimmel Live advertisers that need to be hit with a boycott until they pull their support for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Contact each advertiser and let them know that you disapprove of their company’s support of such a disgusting sexual harasser, like Kimmel.

Applebee’s – @Applebees
Bud Light – @budlight
Buick – @Buick
Chase Bank – @Chase
Claritin – @Claritin
Crown Royal – @CrownRoyal
Dairy Queen – @DairyQueen
Delta Faucets – @deltafaucet
Etrade – @etrade
Gillette – @Gillette
Kia – @Kia
Lexus – @Lexus
Liquid Plumr – @LiquidPlumr
Mitsubishi Cars – @mitsucars
Nicorette – @nicorette 
Nissan – @NissanUSA
Oscar Meyer – @oscarmayer
Red Bull – @redbull
Slim Jim – @SlimJim
Twix – @twix
Volvo – @VolvoCarUSA


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