Houston Texans Quarterback Tom Savage Returns to Game After Possible Concussion & Seizure

Houston Texans Quarterback Tom Savage was allowed to re-enter an NFL football game Sunday night after a vicious tackle by 49ers linebacker Elvis Dumervil that left Savage on the ground shaking and trembling, like he was having a concussion related seizure.

After the play where Texans Quarterback Tom Savage was sacked hard, Savage began to stiffen up and shake. Savage was briefly removed from the game for a few minutes, but allowed to re-enter the game in one of the next series of plays, before eventually being taken back out of the game.

So much for the NFL’s supposed Concussion Protocol, which is supposed to protect NFL players from doing more brain damage by re-entering a game after they have received a concussion.

The NFL’s so-called “Concussion Protocol” seems pretty fucking useless to me, and probably also to a lot of former NFL players who have football related Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) because the NFL seems to be far more concerned about keeping the violent show going on the football field, than with the health and safety of NFL players.

Houston quarterback Tom Savage was cleared to re-enter Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers for one series after sustaining a concussion, raising questions about the NFL’s procedure for evaluating such injuries during games.

Savage was injured with about nine minutes remaining in the second quarter of Houston’s 26-16 loss when he was driven to the ground on a hit by Elvis Dumervil. Replays showed Savage looking dazed after his head hit the ground with both of his arms shaking and lifted upward.

He was taken to the medical tent where he stayed for less than three minutes before returning to the bench and going back in for the next series. He threw two incompletions on that drive, and Houston’s team doctor approached him after he returned to the sideline after that possession.

Savage tried repeatedly to enter the game on the next series. But a team official kept grabbing Savage’s jersey and finally his arm and pulled him away from the field. He could be seen arguing with that person and the team’s trainer before being escorted to the locker room.

Coach Bill O’Brien said he was evaluated for a concussion after the hit and cleared to return, but that he was evaluated again after he returned because “because of what they saw,” without providing details of what that was.

“They try to make the best decision for the player,” O’Brien said. “Whatever they see and the testing that they do they try to make the best decision with the player and they weren’t satisfied with the results of the second test so they decided to pull him, and that’s when he went into the locker room.”

O’Brien was then asked if it was worrisome that Savage was allowed to return to the game when he had a concussion.

“I don’t direct that. I don’t direct that at all,” he said. “They just come to me and that’s kind of where that’s at. I don’t have anything to do with that. All I do is coach.”

UPDATE: The NFLPA will be investigating the handling of the NFL’s Concussion Protocol after Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage appeared to suffer a concussion and seizures during a game against the San Francisco 49ers, but was allowed to re-enter the game anyway.

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