Holder / Obama Prediction: Holder Resigns Then Receives Huge Government Contract in Private Sector

Criminals Obama and Holder may go down together.

Criminals Obama and Holder may go down together.

Here is the usbacklash.org prediction for the ultimate end of Holder’s time at the DOJ.

If we look closely at Obama’s past actions it should be possible to predict what he will do in future situations. The number one thing that this administration has done is reward Obama’s friends and supporters, and punish the administration’s opposition.

If we apply the former actions, and apply them to the situation where Obama needs to dump Holder, but can’t, because Holder knows all of Obama’s secrets. What will end up happening is a tradeoff of huge monetary benefit to Holder in exchange for his resignation.

Just Watch. Holder will offer his resignation to Obama sometime down the road, when the heat gets too hot for the administration. After his resignation is accepted, Holder will either start a company, or take a job at some company in the private sector which “happens” to start receiving huge government contracts. It will be Obama’s hush money, paid for by the American taxpayer.

This won’t be the first time that Obama’s out-of-control spending was directed at his friends and supporters. If you look at each of the huge “Green Energy” loans, that were handed out to failing companies which predictably, one by one, went bankrupt, leaving the American taxpayer on the hook for billions of dollars which went straight into the pockets of people who either bundled for Obama’s campaign, or did some other shady favor for Obama.

We’ll just have to all sit back with our popcorn and and see how this slow motion Obama administration trainwreck plays out. Maybe Obama will stick with Holder and they will both go down together. That would be sweet!

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