Hillary Clinton Uses Dancing Kids to Try And Sell A Few More of Her Very Unpopular Books ‘What Happened’

I’m sorry, but this is fucking disgusting!

“This video from my local bookstore @scatteredbooks in Chappaqua put a smile on my face! Love the soundtrack, too.”

Hillary tries to make it seem that the bookstore just made up this dance to her book, but we all know that is complete bullshit, just like every other fucking word that comes out of Hillary’s mouth.

Like these kids would actually want to read the lies and rambling excuses of the most corrupt candidate to ever run for the Presidency..

That shit don’t float, but this does!

Democrat Criminal Hillary Clinton's New Book "What Happened" Relentlessly & Hilariously Savaged Online

Democrat Criminal Hillary Clinton’s New Book “What Happened” Relentlessly & Hilariously Savaged Online

THANK GOD WE WILL NEVER HAVE A “PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON”!!!!! (makes me want to throw up just typing those words)

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