Hilarious Video: Liberal Tool Lawrence O’Donnell Attacks Anthony Weiner “What’s Wrong With You?”

We have never agreed with Lawrence O’Donnell – not once – until now.

What IS wrong with Anthony Weiner? Why does Anthony Weiner feel that anyone wants him in the office of Mayor of NY, when in reality Anthony Weiner is the laughing stock of the country?

Unfortunately YouTube has removed these videos from their platform to hide the truth from the American People. Another coverup with the help of Google/YouTube.

Even while trailing in the polls, with only 7% support, Weiner Boy still says that he thinks he will be the next mayor of NY. So on top of being a complete idiot, he seems to be dumb as a box of rocks as well.

Anthony Weiner took a beating on the night before the mayoral primary from MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, who repeatedly asked the scandal-scarred Democratic candidate, “What is wrong with you?”

The TV host turned his show, “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” into a combative, bizarre, not-quite-therapy session Monday night when he barraged Weiner with vague questions, barely letting the mayoral hopeful get a word in edgewise.

“I have really just one basic question I think a lot of people have wondered about,” O’Donnell started. “For me, it just comes down to this, which is: What is wrong with you?”

After an awkward pause, Weiner replied that he didn’t understand the question.

“I mean, what is wrong with you that you cannot seem to imagine a life without elective office?”

The two men began arguing, and O’Donnell waffled between showing disgust and tolerance for Weiner’s sexting scandals, which plunged him far behind the other candidates in the polls.

O’Donnell also questioned how the former congressman spent his time after he resigned from office.

“If you take the totality of your life, Anthony, do you think you’ve spent your time well?” O’Donnell asked.

Weiner laughed unbelievingly at O’Donnell’s boldness and also tried to shout over him.

“I just need a hand signal when the harangue is done,” Weiner retorted.

Toward the end, Weiner told O’Donnell to “chillax, buddy.”

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