HATE HOAX: Deranged Blind Muslim Trump Hater Shaf Patel Busted Sending Hate Tweets TO HIMSELF

Another day, another fake hate hoax. Surprise, Surprise!!
Shaf Patel, a blind Muslim hacker, has been completely busted for tweeting hate-filled tweets TO HIMSELF, and then feigning outrage.

HATE HOAX: Deranged Blind Muslim Trump Shaf Patel Hater Busted Sending Hate Tweets TO HIMSELF

HATE HOAX: Deranged Blind Muslim Trump Hater Shaf Patel Busted Sending Hate Tweets TO HIMSELF

Well, we guess the fake hate hoaxes aren’t only relegated to coming from black people – Now we are getting fake hate hoaxes from terrorist wannabe Muslim dumbfucks, like Shaf Patel, who has actually been busted sending hateful tweets TO HIMSELF.

We have all seen the daily fake racism hoaxes, perpetrated by racist black people, to try and make President Trump or his supporters look racist, when 99.9% of Trump supporters are certainly not racist at all. Then, look at the Democrat Party, I’d say that the percentage of racists is well above 50%, and when you add in the criminals they are up to about 85%.

This explains why Democrats always stick up for the lying hoax starters, terrorists and criminals – because the deviants are usually Democrats.

Shaf Patel has even threatened the life of President Trump, which is a crime.

No, if someone needs to call for someone’s assassination, it should be the assassination of Shaf Patel, which would actually be a great service for the United States of America.

If Shaf Patel is an illegal immigrant, as his hate hoax tweet says, then Shaf Patel needs to be deported IMMEDIATELY, with no delay, for his own safety!
We don’t need illegal, stupid & untrustworthy fuckers like Shaf Patel in the United States, and if he is not a legal citizen of the United States, he needs to be removed – like today!

At least Shaf Patel has enough brains left to know what he actually is – “Anti-American Libtard Illegal”

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