FUNNY! Ultra Disgusting Fatass Hillary Clinton Supporting Bull-Dyke Attacks Couple After Kissing In Line

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! This is fucking funny!

Watch this video of your typical disgusting libtard dyke accusing a couple of “having sex” in a restaurant, and threatening to have the couple arrested for merely kissing in line.

“You’re stalking me. Do you know, I’m going to press sexual harassment and stalking charges on you”

Only a bull-dyke, with nobody in it’s life, would act the way that this “woman” did, and be triggered by someone kissing his girlfriend.

This fat and nasty bull-dyke obviously can’t handle the sight of a heterosexual couple showing each other affection, (or any couple for that matter) and from the looks of her and her putrid attitude, I doubt that any man, woman or goat would ever want to touch the stupid skank sexually.

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