Fugly Talentless Loser Michael Rapaport Goes On Unhinged Tirade After Vice President Pence Left Colts-49ers NFL Football Game

Michael Rapaport is one fucking stupid, fugly and talentless so-called “actor”, who has been trying to act for many years, but drags down every project he is involved with, has just gone on an unhinged tirade against Vice President Mike Pence after Pence left the Colts-49ers NFL football game when stupid and racist NFL players began disrespecting America and the flag by kneeling for the national anthem.

With the gay direction his attacks took, I’d bet that Rapaport must be a homo, and hiding in the closet while blowing his equally-gay friends.

The only reason why butt-ugly Rapaport was even allowed to “act” in the first place is because of his dirtbag NY accent, which completely fits the stupid piece of shit . I find it funny as well as very fitting that Michael Rapaport was in the TV movie “Fugly”. Its’ probably the only roll that Rapaport excelled in.

If the shit-eating anti-American kneeling NFL players are free to exercise their rights to kneel when they please, then a paying fan absolutely can exercise their rights, and choose not to stand there, basically forced into watching a bunch of racist entitled crybaby pansies disrespect America.

I would be pissed off if the Vice President of the United States didn’t walk out of that stadium, as brainless anti-American NFL players showed how stupid they truly are.

“Atypical” star Michael Rapaport weighed-in on Vice President Pence’s decision to walkout of the Colts-49ers game on Sunday, after the VP became offended by watching players protest during the anthem. Rapaport did not waste time letting the world know what he thinks of Pence and his actions.

Picking the highlights from a video like that poses challenges, but there were a few. Rapaport seems to think that Pence’s opposition to gay marriage and other issues defined as gay issues, means that Pence is a closeted homosexual.

Rapaport said, “Vice president Mike White Pence left the Colts-’49ers game as soon as it started because he was so offended by the players’ kneeling and protesting. You selfish f–k, you. You should have given those tickets to somebody who would have appreciated it, you f–k.”

Rapaport continued, “Of course, he put this out in a statement because he’s afraid to speak in public, because he might scream out, ‘I-I-I love dick.’”

Rapaport wasn’t done, “Vice president White Mike Pence, the world’s most famous person with no lips. Yo, White Mike Pence — your mouth looks like a petrified a–hole.”

Nor was Rapaport content to leave it at Pence, he also targeted Pence’s wife.

“Mike Pence is such a sick f–k that he refers to his wife as ‘mother,’ and he won’t be around another woman without a chaperone. Even I don’t know how to follow that up,” Rapaport said.

“Mike Pence is the worldwide leader in hating gay and lesbian people. Come on, man, we know what the f**k that is. Come on out, man; wear that pink and purple lipstick,” Rapaport said. “The good people in the LGBT community will welcome you with open arms, and you could welcome them with an open mouth.”

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