‘Fraudsters’ Beverly Young Nelson and Gloria Allred Falsely Claimed ENTIRE Inscription Was Written By Judge Moore

Judge Moore’s laughable accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, has now admitted that SHE wrote at least part of the inscription that she and Allred were trying to pass off as being written by Judge Moore – proving that the dastardly duo are untrustworthy liars who cannot be trusted.

We called it, and knew it was a forgery as soon as Allred refused to allow handwriting analysis of the fake yearbook inscription. She knew if real handwriting analysis was one on the forged document that they would probably both be completely fucked.

I can’t believe anyone actually believed this lying skank Beverly Young Nelson and Gloria Allred in the first place, but now the world knows that they are both untrustworthy fraudsters, colluding with politicians to commit a hoax, in a high-stakes and high-dollar Deep-State plot to destroy a man and his very consequential political campaign with 40+ year-old fraudulent charges.

Most normal people will think to themselves of the video, “What the fuck does a drawing of Nelson, done at Six Flags 40 years ago, have anything to do with the situation?” And the answer is absolutely nothing. Her real picture was actually inside the yearbook, and they showed that picture as well, but showing a crappy and very flattering drawing was just another part of the smoke-show to take your mind off how completely unbelievable the whole charade really was.

We started the video above where Nelson and Allred trotted out their so-called evidence, which has now been proven by definition as a forgery, but we also recommend going back and watching the whole circus show, and you will see lying skank Beverly Young Nelson READING her own account of what happened, and not very well.. And notice at the beginning that her supposed typed statements were handed to her by Gloria Allred, leading many to believe that these are not Nelson’s words. They were written for her.

If you do go back and watch the earlier part of the video, pay attention to the sound of the cameras taking pictures of the hoax press conference, and you’ll notice that the corrupt media only took pictures while the lying skank was wiping her eyes, or being fake-hugged by scuzball “lawyer” Gloria Allred.

There needs to be an investigation of Nelson and Allred’s scam, with hearings before congress and under oath, to get answers to a bunch of important questions about this whole scam!

At the very least the American Bar Association should immediately launch an ethics investigation into Gloria Allred.

So-called “fact-checking” websites have objected to Breitbart News’ use of the term “forgery” to describe the yearbook that Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, have used in attempting to corroborate Nelson’s allegation that Moore sexually assaulted her some 40 years ago.
Politifact labeled the claim “Pants on Fire,” and Facebook has even attached a pop-up warning to a Breitbart article about the alleged forgery.

On Friday, Nelson admitted that she had added “notes” to an inscription that she claimed Moore made in her high school yearbook. She still claims that Moore signed the yearbook, but admitted that some of the writing was hers.

That is textbook forgery.

Black’s Law Dictionary defines “forgery” as follows (original emphasis):

forgery, n. 1. The act of fraudulently making a false document or altering a real one to be used as if genuine … 2. A false or altered document made to look genuine by someone with the intent to deceive … 3. Under the Model Penal Code, the act of fraudulently altering, authenticating, issuing, or transferring a writing without appropriate authorization.

Note that forgery includes altering a real document. It does not matter if part of the document — say, the signature — is real. If any part of the document is altered and presented as original and authentic, it is a forgery and the entire document is legally useless — or worse than useless, since it impeaches the credibility of the person presenting it.

Originally, both Nelson and Moore claimed that the entire writing was Moore’s. At the press conference on Nov.13 where Nelson presented her story, both she and Allred read the inscription in the yearbook in full and stated clearly that Roy Moore was responsible for all of it.

Read more: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/12/08/forgery-explained-beverly-young-nelson-gloria-allred-presented-notes-roy-moores-writing/

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