False Coordinated RNC/DNC Attack On Judge Moore Is An Attack on All American Men

Anyone who reads this website knows that we have a pretty damn good track record on our predictions, and we are now predicting that Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore will be elected in Alabama by a landslide now that it has become painfully obvious that the unhinged, corrupt anti-Trump establishment Democrats, along with some fake Republicans, are conspiring, in a coordinated and well-funded attack, using forged documents to destroy an innocent man for political expedience.

This whole fake attack is about keeping the balance of power in the hands of the corrupt politicians in Washington, and nothing more.

The corrupt “old-boy” Democrats and Republicans, who hate having a President who will rock the boat to get the nation moving again (which he certainly has done very quickly), and want to diminish his power by getting a gun-hating, abortion-loving leftist elected to the Senate in Alabama. The fake conservative establishment RNC would actually rather have a dangerous leftist elected in Alabama, rather than give President Trump another vote in the Senate.

The gig is up though, and everything will unravel before their eyes, as the American People see what kind of colluding snake criminals they have pulling the strings in Washington, from both sides of the isle.

Only idiots, with their heads up their asses, still believe these ridiculous all-but-debunked claims against Moore. The evidence shows that the 40 year old accusations against the senate candidate are false, and also shows that many people have been bribed to make false claims.

Obvious Moore Yearbook Forgery

It’s a dirty, sleazy, disgusting job keeping the false attack on Judge Moore limping along, which is why the disgusting ambulance-chasing-media-whore parasite lawyer Gloria Allred is involved, and also why Allred will not allow handwriting analysis of the obviously forged yearbook. Moore’s opponents must know damn well that the yearbook is a forgery, and allowing the handwriting to be examined would blow their whole fucking bullshit story out of the water, and expose the actors as corrupt & untrustworthy liars.

“And then finally, after Judge Moore’s signature it has the initials capital D period, A period. Remember when I told you about that ’99 divorce action? Judge Moore looked at that “D.A.” after his signature which they allege was because he was the district attorney, well he wasn’t, he was the assistant district attorney.

But Judge Moore says he can’t ever remember signing his name with “D.A.” after it, but he had seen it before. You know where he had seen it? When he was on the bench, his assistant, whose initials are capital D period, A period, Delber Adams, would stamp his signature on documents and then put capital D period, A period. That’s exactly how the signature appears on the divorce decree that Judge Moore signed, dismissing the divorce action with Ms. Nelson.

Knowing these things, I have a question, Gloria Allred and Ms. Nelson, do you still hold that everything written in that yearbook was written by Judge Moore, or was it written by someone else? That’s not an allegation, that’s a question.”

And finally we demand that you immediately release the yearbook to a neutral custodian,” he said, “so that our expert can look at it.” – Judge Roy Moore Campaign Lawyer Phillip Jauregui

It would be easy for a monkey to tell that the yearbook was written in two different colors of ink, from two separate pens, with two completely different styles of writing, but the corrupt attackers who just want to destroy More will only show black and white images of the yearbook to mask the differences in the blundered forgery.

Now, we need hearings and an investigation into the illegal manipulation of the upcoming election with forged documents. There should be a probe to find out who actually sat there made the forgery, by copying Moore’s assistant’s signature (D.A.) from the years-old divorce papers. Then the people who paid for the false document should be indicted and sent to prison.

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