Failing Nordstrom Yanks Ivanka Trump Line From Stores – Ivanka Probably Thanks Them

This is pretty funny! Nordstrom has announced that they will no longer be selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories in their failing stores because of their sales performance.

Failing Nordstrom Yanks Ivanka Trump Line - Ivanka Probably Thanks Them

Failing Nordstrom Yanks Ivanka Trump Line – Ivanka Probably Thanks Them

It should be the other way around, and Ivanka Trump should have pulled her clothes out of the failing Nordstrom stores so she won’t be associated with such a shitty chain of failing stores, who most likely yanked Ivanka’s products for political reasons.

Judging by the quickly falling stock price of Nordstrom, Inc. (JWN), which is down almost $17 in less than 2 months, the company probably won’t be around much longer anyway.

As late as December 8th, Nordstrom stock price was at $61.49, and today the JWN stock price has taken a nosedive down to just $44.71 per share. That’s a big loss for the company, so we should probably start looking out for future store closing announcements as well.

Oh well, I can’t remember the last time I was in a Nordstrom, and can’t see my self ever shopping there again, so if they do go out of business Nordstrom won’t be missed.

Neiman Marcus has also now removed Ivanka Trump’s line of products from their stores, so we will be adding Neiman Marcus for our calls for boycotting.

Nordstrom will no longer sell Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories, the company announced Thursday.

The Seattle-based department store chain said the decision was based on the sales performance of the first daughter’s brand, The Seattle Times reported.

The move comes amid a weekslong campaign known as “Grab Your Wallet,” which has been calling for a boycott of retailers that carry Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump merchandise. In November, Nordstrom posted a response on Twitter to a shopper’s letter calling for the company to stop selling the brand, saying, “We hope that offering a vendor’s products isn’t misunderstood as us taking a political position; we’re not.”

A Nordstrom spokesperson didn’t say whether the decision to stop buying the brand was permanent, only that they make buying decisions each season. Nordstrom also said it offers thousands of brands and cuts about 10 percent each year based performance.

The Ivanka Trump brand was no longer listed on the company’s website Thursday evening, and a search of her products on the site turned up just a few pairs of shoes, all of which had been marked down in price.

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