Disgusting Libtard Jellytroll Rosie O’Donnell Supports America-Hating Terrorist Wannabe NSA Leaker

Disgusting libtard troll Rosie O’Donnell gave $1,000 to a GoFundMe campaign set up for NSA Leaker and terrorist wannabe, Reality Winner, who gave away U.S. secrets, and wrote “I want to burn the White House Down … find somewhere in Kurdistan to live.” Rosie calls this piece of shit criminal a “Brave young patriot”.

Disgusting Libtard Jellytroll Rosie O'Donnell Supports America-Hating Terrorist Wannabe NSA Leaker

Disgusting Libtard Jellytroll Rosie O’Donnell Supports America-Hating Terrorist Wannabe NSA Leaker

It’s perfect isn’t it? We see it everyday from the Democrat Culture of Corruption.. Anti-American Libtard dumbfucks supporting dangerous criminals and terrorists who hate America.

Disgusting NSA Leaking criminal Reality Winner apparently thinks that she is cute, and says that she will play up the “cute and White” angle, allong with putting on a show with some fake crying.

“I’m going to play that card being pretty, white and cute, braid my hair and cry and all,” – Disgusting NSA Leaking criminal Reality Winner

Bull-dyke Rosie O’Donnell is probably pretty lonely, and wants to try and setup conjugal visits where she can get in Reality Winner Loser’s man panties and scissor.

It’s no wonder why Rosie O’Donnell is a has-been, a loser, and a horrible Mom.. and the only people who will hire the stupid fatass bitchbag jellytroll, or even be around her anymore, are equally fucked-up America-hating libtard loser Democrats. And who would be more fucked-up than a piece of shit terrorist wannabe, with the dumb-ass name “Reality Winner”?

Both of these stupid bitchs disgust me!

A federal judge ordered a young woman charged with leaking classified U.S. documents to remain jailed until her trial after prosecutors argued Thursday she might possess more stolen government secrets.

Prosecutors also said 25-year-old Reality Winner might try to flee the U.S. if released on bond. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Solari told the judge Winner had written in a notebook: “I want to burn the White House Down … find somewhere in Kurdistan to live. Ha-ha!”

Wearing an orange jumpsuit and leg shackles, Winner pleaded not guilty in U.S. district court to charges that she illegally retained and transmitted national defense information. The federal crime carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison if she’s convicted.

The former Air Force linguist, who speaks Arabic and Farsi and had a top-secret security clearance, was working as a government contractor in Augusta when she copied and mailed a classified report containing top-secret material to an online news organization, prosecutors say.

Authorities haven’t described the report or named the news outlet. But the Justice Department announced Winner’s arrest Monday as The Intercept reported it had obtained a classified National Security Agency report suggesting Russian hackers attacked a U.S. voting software supplier before last year’s presidential election. The NSA report was dated May 5, the same as the document Winner is charged with leaking.

Prosecutors warned U.S. Magistrate Judge Brian Epps that Winner might have more stolen secrets. Solari said investigators have learned Winner inserted a portable hard drive in a top-secret Air Force computer before she left the military last year. She said authorities don’t know what happened to the drive or what was on it.

Solari said Winner’s laptop also contained software that could enable her to access online black-markets and buy items — such as a fake ID or passport — without revealing her identity or location.

Read more: http://nypost.com/2017/06/08/accused-nsa-leaker-wanted-to-burn-the-white-house-down/

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