Disgusting Corrupt Hair-Hatted Democrat Liar Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Does Entire Interview With Nosebleed

Stupid and corrupt Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, and her disgusting hair hat, did an entire 7 minute interview on MSNBC with what appeared to be blood running out of her nose and down her lip – and never wiped the blood off her face.

It seemed that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee wanted to wipe the blood, but decided not to, and told someone off camera to “get away” as the camera cut over to her – which was probably one of her handlers wanting to wipe the blood off Sheila Jackson Lee’s face.

Hmmm.. Maybe Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is used to getting a lot of nose bleeds? Can you say RED FLAG?

We have heard of cocaine abusers that get nosebleeds due to the damage that the drug does to the inside of their noses, so is Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee a cocaine user?
Or does Sheila Jackson Lee maybe snort meth or some other drug?

Someone needs to ask Sheila Jackson Lee about the nose bleed, and about what illicit drugs she possibly does.

Well, this is awkward and embarrassing. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) did a live interview on MSNBC and had a nosebleed which she seemed unaware of. This happened today. She sat through the entire interview with blood oozing from her nose. It is just bizarre. When MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing cut to Jackson Lee’s camera feed, the member of the Congressional Black Caucus said “Get away!” and motions for someone off camera to keep back. She kept looking at them as if she’s warning them off. Jackson Lee then went through the entire seven-minute interview without wiping her nose.

The blood was obvious and very visible. She never wiped it away or seemed to feel its presence. The interview lasted an absolute eternity. I can’t imagine not feeling that – it would at least tickle. When I get a bloody nose, I know it immediately. MSNBC took no notice of it and didn’t comment on it at all. They didn’t apprise Lee even off air that she had a nosebleed. But at least it complimented the color of her blazer.

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