Disgusting Ancient Libtard Skank Chelsea Handler Loves Having Her Face & Head Pissed On

EEEEWWWWWW!!! Chelsea Handler is fucking gross!! Ultra disgusting washed-up skankbag leftist Chelsea Handler apparently loves having her face and head pissed on, as seen in the video below. Just watch how the sleazy troll Chelsea Handler appears to do everything she can to keep her head IN the stream of piss, not away from it.

We should have guessed that Chelsea Handler loved being pissed on as soon as she started accusing President Trump of liking golden showers, because that is the MO of the Democrat party. Brainless libtard douchebags always accuse conservatives of doing the worst things that the libtards themselves are already guilty of.

“I thought it was so funny that somebody would pee on someone’s face, that I was laughing so hard I couldn’t swim away” – Disgusting Golden Shower Loving Skank Chelsea Handler

Mmmm.. Yea, likely story!

There is no doubt in my mind that disgusting Chelsea Handler LOVED every second of the disgusting act of her head being pissed on, and even seemed to tilt her head back so that some of the piss went into her mouth!

If put in the same disgusting situation, most normal people would immediately go under water, not just sit there being pissed on. Also, people who don’t love golden showers certainly wouldn’t move their head around to stay in the stream of piss, as Chelsea Handler did.

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