Dems Hide From Corporate Coziness – Refer to “Bank of America stadium” as “Panthers Stadium”

Democrats Hide From Corporate Coziness - To Refer to "Bank of America stadium" as "Panthers Stadium"

Democrats Hide From Corporate Coziness – To Refer to “Bank of America stadium” as “Panthers Stadium”

The desperate Obama re-election campaign is running scared, and have now made a laughable decision to refer to Bank of America stadium as “Panthers Stadium” to try and hide from the administration’s coziness with Bank of America, and Corporate America from Obama’s base – the far left.

The truth is that no matter how hard Obama tries running from his deep connection to corporations, the Obama campaign has been hot and heavy in bed with corporations, and gladly taking in $ millions in contributions from corporations, since he took office.

Obama gets most of his campaign cash from wealthy liberal corporate executives, who would rather give money to Obama than feel the wrath of the Obama administration’s overburdening regulations.

National Democrats have repeatedly touted their stand against taking corporate money for their convention in September, and so it was striking to see two emails from the DNC host committee referring to the Charlotte venue where President Obama will speak as “Panthers Stadium.”

It’s the place where the Panthers play, but it’s actually called Bank of America stadium.

A recent email from the host committee signed by former Al Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile urged people to win a trip to Charlotte for the event, which will wrap “Thursday night at Panthers Stadium with President Obama.”

Another email in June made the same pitch about the stadium.

A host committee spokeswoman didn’t respond to an email. But it’s not like the stadium was ever called Panthers Stadium – first opened in 1996, it was Carolinas Stadium, and later Ericsson Stadium. Then the current corporate iteration.

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