The Democrat Party Using Scare Tacics to “Threaten” Would Be Voters Into Voting Democrat

Now the Democrat Culture of Corruption is threatening people into voting with a nasty letter that could make many voters feel uneasy. This is expected from the Democrats though. Especially in a voting cycle where Democrats are supposed to have their asses handed to them while they lose control of the Senate.

Dear [insert voter name here]:

Our records indicate that you are registered in [insert county name here]. Who you vote for is your secret. But whether or not you vote is public record. Many organizations monitor turnout in your neighborhood and are disappointed by the inconsistent voting of many of your neighbors.

Here is some information you may need to vote:

The polls are open from 6am to 9pm.
You can confirm your voter registration by visiting [website address] If you have any questions about voting, please call [telephone number]

We will be reviewing the [insert county name here] official voting records after the upcoming election to determine whether you joined your neighbors who voted in 2014. If you do note vote this year, we will be interested to hear why not.

Oh No!!! The Democrats will want to know why you didn’t vote!!! Sheer terror!!! Kind of reminds me of the “Vote or Die” idiocy in the last election that also threatened people into casting a vote for Democrats.

Jonathan Coulton, a Brooklyn-based musician according to his verified Twitter account, posted a photo of a letter Thursday night with the caption: “I think the Democrats just threatened me.”

What did the letter say? You can read it below:

The letter resembles those circulating around North Carolina pressuring Americans to vote in the midterm elections.

WRAL-TV describes the situation in North Carolina:

Voters in at least four counties – Wake, Durham, Orange and New Hanover – report receiving two different versions of letters from the [Democratic] party. One gives them a “report card” on their prior voting history – most are deemed “average” – while the other suggests the voter in question would be surveyed as to whether or not they cast a ballot in this year’s general election.

The letters use Democratic Party logos, and the survey letter is signed by Patsy Keever, who is given the title of “election day coordinator” on the letter. Keever is a former state representative who is a vice chairwoman of the North Carolina Democratic Party. The letters carry a disclaimer that they were “Paid for by the North Carolina Democratic Party.”

Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday called the North Carolina letters “voter shaming” and predicted the effort would backfire the way it seemingly has in Coulton’s case (though it is certainly possible Coulton was joking about feeling “threatened” and intends to vote Democrat).

“If you ask me, this kind of thing could backfire big time,” Limbaugh said. “What is the main African-American argument against voter ID…? The primary agent of fear employed is, ‘They don’t care whether you vote! They want to find out where you are. The ‘man’ wants to find out who you are. The man wants to be able to track you.’”

Limbaugh said Democrats scared voters into thinking they’ll be tracked if voter ID laws pass, and then “turned around [and] sent out letters that promise to track whether these people vote or not.” It could end up scaring voters rather than shaming them, he said.

“I’m not sure how this is gonna play out,” Limbaugh concluded. “But once again, it’s another sign of desperation on the Democrat Party side about the election and voter turnout and all of these things that are tied into it.”

TheBlaze reached out to Coulton for more information about the letter, but did not receive an immediate response.

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