Deadly San Diego Hepatitis A Outbreak Spreads to Santa Cruz & Los Angeles After Multiple Warnings Ignored

The deadly San Diego hepatitis A outbreak that has already killed at least 15 people in San Diego, and sent over 300 more to the hospital, has now apparently spread to Santa Cruz & Los Angeles after multiple warnings health problems due to unsanitary conditions were apparently ignored.

Hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver, which spreads when faecal matter (shit) enters someone’s mouth.

Leave it to the stupid libtard dickheads in California to ignore the warnings which would have kept their citizens safe. California Democrats don’t care about their constituents living in shit & piss filled streets – no, all the CA Democrats care about is getting elected/re-elected, and how much dirty money they can grift while in office.

Hell, San Fransicko actually allows it’s residents to shit and piss all over the city.
San Fran City of Shit – Deviants Crowding San Francisco Shit & Piss All Over City Public Streets, Sidewalks

It takes a deadly hepatitis A outbreak to start killing people before the stupid libtards give a damn that their citizens are literally living in disgusting disease-filled shit and piss covered streets.

Los Angeles County health officials declared a hepatitis A outbreak Tuesday, days after a public health emergency was announced in San Diego County, where at least 16 people have died of the highly contagious virus.

Case numbers are still small in L.A. County, with only 10 people infected as part of the outbreak, said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the L.A. County Department of Public Health. By comparison, almost 450 people have contracted the virus in San Diego.

Ferrer said the department is ramping up prevention efforts locally so more people don’t get sick. San Diego’s outbreak has already spread to Santa Cruz, where 69 people have been diagnosed.


As San Diego officials scramble to stop a deadly hepatitis A outbreak linked to a lack of downtown public restrooms, they can’t say they weren’t warned.

A U-T Watchdog review of public records found that since 2000, four grand jury reports attempted to steer attention to the risks posed by human waste on city streets and a shortage of toilets available for use by the city’s growing homeless population.

One such report, filed in 2010, explicitly warned that an outbreak of illness caused by such unsanitary conditions “could result in liability to the city.”

Each of the reports called on the city to either add more all-hours, publicly available restrooms or bolster its street cleaning regimen to ensure the public would not be exposed to human waste.

Health officials say such exposure helped fuel San Diego’s growing outbreak, which has left 16 people dead and more than 300 who required hospitalization. Since November, San Diego has seen 444 hepatitis A cases — as many as the combined total reported by California, Texas and New York in all of 2015, the most recent year for which statewide data is available.

This month, San Diego undertook both grand jury-recommended steps in earnest — new bathrooms and street cleaning — after the outbreak garnered international media attention. Adding two new restrooms brought downtown San Diego to a new total of 21.

The 19-member grand jury is a civil watchdog panel that investigates certain aspects of local government and citizen complaints. It does not do criminal investigations.

City responses to two past jury reports, filed in 2005 and 2015, both cited security concerns and budget constraints among the hurdles posed by building new restrooms. New toilets, officials said, can be a magnet for criminal activity. They estimated the cost to install restrooms at $250,000, with annual operating cost estimates ranging from $65,000 to $400,000.

In 2005, the grand jury made a recommendation that the city “provide more public restrooms in the downtown area.”

The city responded, “The recommendation will not be implemented at this time due to the financial challenges of the city. The city does not have the resources to execute a project of this magnitude.”

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