Deadly San Diego Hepatitis Outbreak Has Killed At Least 15 People & Hospitalized Over 300

Do we really need more proof that God hates the libtards in California?

Deadly San Diego Hepatitis Outbreak Has Killed At Least 15 People & Hospitalized Over 300

Deadly San Diego Hepatitis Outbreak Has Killed At Least 15 People & Hospitalized Over 300

California already has horrible droughts, raging wildfires, human shit & piss-filled streets, murdered (aborted) babies piled up to the rafters, more AIDS victims than anywhere else I can think of after Africa, near bankrupt despite some of the highest personal and business taxes, and probably worst of all they have disgusting senile dirtbag Nancy Pelosi.

But now Americans have a new reason to stay away from California – a deadly disease break-out that is killing people.

San Diego is currently gripped in a deadly hepatitis A outbreak, which so far has killed at least 15 people, and sent over 300 more to the hospital.

Personally, I won’t be going to California anytime soon because I hate just about everything about the state, especially the liberal policies that have most likely allowed terrorists to flow into California and set up terrorist sleeper cells, waiting and planning for their next big attack.

I don’t want to be murdered by an illegal immigrant or a coddled terrorist, and I really don’t want to die from a hepatitis A infection picked up in an infested/infected California city, so the plan is to stay the fuck out of California where it’s safe.

Sanitary street washing will commence in downtown San Diego and will continue every other week to combat the city’s deadly hepatitis A outbreak, Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s office said Friday.

The city responded to a letter sent by San Diego County Thursday, asking the city to move forward with a list of specific sanitation actions designed to help control the spread of the disease, which has killed 15 people and hospitalized nearly 300, many of them homeless and living on streets without adequate access to restrooms or showers.

The county gave the city five business days to respond with a plan for remedying what it called a “fecally contaminated environment” downtown. The county will soon expand its efforts to other cities in the region, where the outbreak has now produced nearly 400 confirmed cases.

The county moved forward last weekend with its own contractor, who installed 40 hand-washing stations in areas where the homeless often gather. There are plans, according to the city’s letter, to add more stations next week.

In addition to regularly pressure-washing dirty city right-of-ways with chlorinated water, the county also asked the city to “immediately expand access to public restrooms and wash stations within the city limits that are adjacent to at-risk populations.”

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