Dangerous Desoto TX Police Officer Threatens & Aims Gun At Filming Bicyclist For No Reason

Anyone who reads our website knows that USBACKLASH.ORG is very pro police, and we stick up for police all the time. We know that the vast majority of police out there are good people who are just trying to stop crime, but in Desoto TX there seems to be at least one bad cop.

One Desoto TX police officer should be immediately taken off the street after pointing his gun at a man riding a bicycle, because the bicyclist seemed to coasting for too long of a period (20 seconds) behind the officer’s vehicle.

It would be one thing if the police officer actually followed up with the man he pointed his gun at, like if he felt threatened, but the officer just threatened the man by pointing his weapon at him, and then got back in his police vehicle and drove away.

Police should not be allowed to point their gun at anyone unless there is an imminent threat to the officer – and we seriously doubt that riding your bike 20-30 yards behind an officer’s vehicle is not a threat that any armed officer should be concerned about.

We need to know who this Desoto TX police officer is, and we need to make sure that the officer is removed from the Desoto TX police force before he blows someone’s head off for no reason.

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