Criminally Corrupt Democrat Maxine Waters To Pay Daughter ANOTHER $108,000 Sending Mailings

Democrat Maxine Waters is a criminal, who is abusing her position in congress to make her family rich.

Criminally Corrupt Democrat Maxine Waters To Pay Daughter ANOTHER $108,000 Sending Mailings

Criminally Corrupt Democrat Maxine Waters To Pay Daughter ANOTHER $108,000 Sending Mailings

Maxine Waters is using her position in government to pull in a lot of dirty money, and also paying her daughter another $108,000 (total of over $650,000) to send out simple campaign mailings designed to steal more dirty money.

This is not the first time that Maxine Waters has been caught making her family rich by breaking the law.
Back in 1996-2004 Maxine Waters’ relatives made more than $1 million by doing business with companies, candidates and causes that Waters had helped in her official position in congress – which is against the law.

In 2010, Waters was investigated for ethics violations, and was accused by a House panel of at least one ethics violation related to her efforts to help OneUnited Bank receive federal aid.[60] Waters’ husband is a stockholder and former director of OneUnited Bank and the bank’s executives were major contributors to her campaigns.

Maxine Waters is a dirty lying criminal who needs to go! We need to drain the swamp of these stinking loser criminals, like Maxine Waters, who take every opportunity to break the rules/laws to make themselves very rich, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) is slated to pay her daughter another $108,000 for running a lucrative campaign operation that pulls in hundreds of thousands of dollars each election cycle, FEC filings show.

Karen Waters, the daughter of Rep. Waters, collected nearly $650,000 to date for running the operation for her mother’s campaign.

Karen is in charge of a “slate mailer” operation for Citizens for Waters, Rep. Waters’ federal campaign committee. Slate mailers, or endorsement mailers, involve a candidate or political group paying for the endorsement of another politician.

A candidate pays Citizens for Waters from their own political committees for her endorsement. If a candidate that she endorses does not directly pay her campaign committee, they must credit their own committee with in-kind contributions from Waters.

The mailers are sent to nearly 200,000 residents in South Central Los Angeles, an area where Waters holds considerable clout. The mailers contain an “official sample ballot” and brief quotes from Waters about the candidates and measures that she supports.

During the 2016 election cycle, Waters’ campaign committee hauled in nearly $300,000 from more than 20 payments for slate mailer endorsements.

Kamala Harris, the former Democratic attorney general of California who last November won a seat in the U.S. Senate, gave Citizens for Waters $30,000 to appear on the endorsement mailers this past election cycle. Harris previously paid Waters’ campaign committee $28,000 in 2010 to appear on the mailers as she was running for attorney general.

The Democratic State Central Committee of California and Yes on Measure M, a group that pushed for an interconnected transportation system in Los Angeles, which was ultimately approved with 70 percent of the vote, each paid Citizens for Waters $35,000 to appear on the mailers.

A number of judges and California ballot measures additionally paid to appear on the slate mailers.

Karen Waters collected $65,287 throughout the 2016 cycle to run the slate mailer operation. Karen, along with her firm Progressive Connections, has received nearly $650,000 in payments from Citizens for Waters since 2006.

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